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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has ever read my blog, engaged with me on a post, sent me a message and/or supported my blog. You’ve made this blog more fulfilling than I could’ve ever anticipated. I started this blog back in 2012 as a method of keeping track of my hair journey. And I never anticipated that I would’ve found such an amazing community of healthy hair growing women. Thank you for taking this ride with me and teaching me so much!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted regularly and I’ve been fighting my reality for a long while. But it’s finally time for me to admit that I won’t be posting on the blog anymore. It breaks my heart a little, but I have to acknowledge where I am in my life right now.

While this blog will go “poof” soon, I did want you all to know that I will keep posting to twitter and instagram account (@fancyflairlady).

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5 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Wow I am going to miss yours journey, but I will always refer back on your journey for tips on hair care.

  2. Awwwwe! I just saw your blog today because I was looking for people who use Design Essentials Relaxer. I’ve heard great things about this product and wanted to know how and/or where you purchased the product. I’m not able to find it anywhere. If you read this please let me know.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Ruth, Ulta, Sally Beauty Supply, CVS and Walgreen carry some of the Design Essentials Products. But your best bet will be to look for it at your local beauty supply store. They always tend to have the largest selection.

  3. That’s a shame I only discovered your blog todsum not sure why you are giving it up. When so many people opt for blogs and make some money through ads and affiliates along the way.

    If you are paying for this domain convert it to WordPress.Org on their free site so won’t cost you a a penny to maintain it.

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