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Styling My Hair 5 and 6 Months Post Big Chop

When last we met up, I was getting back into finger coils.  And as much as I love them, it takes over an hour (with interruptions) to coil my whole head.  Which isn’t terrible for an every 10-14 day style.  But I got tired of it real quick.  So for a few weeks, I went to a styling technique that I had seen on some youtube video about doing a wash and go on type 4 hair.  It’s major appeal: it was quick!

Wash Day Details:

I deep conditioned my hair with GVP Conditioning Balm for an hour.  My deep conditioner was mixed with Amla powder, Brahmi powder, Fenugreek Seed  powder and olive oil.  After rinsing the conditioning mix from my hair, I applied my homemade whipped Shea Butter.  While my hair was still wet, I followed immediately with Eden Body Works Curl Defining Cream.

The Styling Technique:

I did no curling, twisting, shingling, or coiling.  I just saturated my hair with the curl defining cream and while still in the shower shook my head vigorously.  When I got out, this is what my hair looked like:

wash and go type 4 natural hair

My dried hair looked like the pictures below.  The middle picture is the same day and the outside pictures are the next day.  As easy as this was to create, it won’t last much past the 3-4 day mark.  And honestly 4 days was pushing it.

I loved this style and I plan to revisit it.  But as I rounded out my 5th month with natural hair it become clear to me that wet hair and cold weather is a big no-no.  I went as far as I could with the wash and gos because it was practically New Years’ Day before I was forced to switch things up.

I spent my New Years Eve installing box braids.  It’s been a great protective style so far and a welcomed break from thinking about my hair. lol.  I’m currently still in box braids and I’ve made it 6 months with my natural teeny-weeny afro, woo-hoo! I’ll be removing them either this weekend or next weekend.  And we’ll see what’s next for my hair at that point.  Although, (spoiler alert) I’ll probably reinstall the box braids after a week or two off, to give my hair a few deep conditioning treatments and lots of loving.

Once I take my hair out, I’ll be back with a full update on how I’m feeling about my natural hair and maybe even a length check.  …And for those keeping score, my last relaxer was January 14, 2018, so I’ll see what just over a year of growth looks like for me.

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