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Testing Out Perm Rods

For the past few weeks, I’ve been bouncing all over the place.  And doing my best to keep up with my hair.  Deep conditioning with heat was on the back burner, but I did my best to, at the very least, slather on some conditioner before trying to style my hair.  …some weeks, I didn’t even make it to the styling portion and went out with just my afro.  

When I finally forced in some time for my hair I made sure to follow a full wash day routine: (1) shampoo with Chagrin Valley Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar, (2) apple cider vinegar rinse, (3) deep condition with Shea Moisture Manuka Honey with 1 tsp amla and brahmi powders and 1 tsp amla brahmi oil, and (4) my leave-in conditioner was my Homemade Shea Butter.  I didn’t have coconut oil for my most recent batch so I added my amla brahmi oil (which has coconut oil in it) and crossed my fingers hoping it would fluff.  Thankfully it whipped itself into a beautifully fluffy mix.

To style my hair I’ve been using the Jane Carter Solutions Curl Defining Cream. It’s my preferred styler over the Eden Body Works Curl Defining Cream, for sure.  But as much as I love this one, it is no match for that suspicious section at my crown.  It continues to resist my efforts to clump or curl and it’s been an issue since big chopping.  For the most part, I had given up on it and I would pat down that fluffy patch at the top.  But as my hair gets longer it’s been harder to conceal.  And it gives my hair an odd “hi-top” shape when I’m not diligent about patting it down.

About 2-3 weeks ago (see “refuses to clump” pictures above), I decided I needed to try something different.  The last two wash days I’ve been adding curls with perm rods.  The first time I did the entire front section and used Eco Styler Gel to set it.  When it dried (hours later), I separated the curls with my fingers. It seemed to work, but it disrupted my “wash, style and go” flow. <insert sad face>  Last weekend, I only did the most resistant section which ended up only requiring 3 perm rods, which was a lot better for me.  I was able to let it partially air dry for about 30 minutes and then gently removed the perm rods.  After that I was out the door.

This looks like this might be new way of doing my hair.  Let’s hope I can keep this up (along with my promise to myself of deep conditioning weekly….).

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