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Homemade Ayurvedic Hair Oil | Less Shedding and More Growth

Finally, here is the Ayurvedic hair oil recipe that I’ve been using in all my recent wash day posts.  The main Ayurvedic herbs are amla, brahmi and fenugreek seeds.  This has been the only oil that I’ve used in my hair regimen for the past month.  Based on the ingredients included, these are the purported hair benefits of this Ayurvedic Hair Oil: (1) reduces shedding; (2) increases hair follicle count; (3) thicker new growth; (4) promotes hair growth; and (5) it is nourishing to the scalp. 

The Ingredients:

  • 50 grams (about 1/2 cup) Amla powder
  • 50 grams (about 3/4 cup) Brahmi powder
  • 500 ml (about 2 cups) unrefined virgin coconut oil
  • 500 ml (about 2 cups) extra virgin olive oil
  • 4-8 oz castor oil
  • 3-6 T fenugreek seeds
  • 3-6 T elderflower (optional).

How to Make My Ayurvedic Hair Oil:

  1. Combine the amla powder, brahmi powder, coconut oil and olive oil in a metal or glass bowl.
  2. Gently heat the oils and herbs for at least 2 hours on a double boiler (see video for a visual illustration).
  3. Stir oil/herb mix every 30 minutes for the first 2 hours.
  4. For my recipe, I covered the oil/herb mix and allowed it to marinate for 24 hours.  After that time the herb powders settled to the bottom of the bowl and the oil was floating on top.
  5. I gently poured the oil into a separate container for storage (leaving the powders in the bowl).
  6. Add castor oil to the oil.  [[You can stop here and begin using your Ayurvedic oil, if you just want Amla-Brahmi Oil]].
  7. [[My Current Recipe continues]]: Add fenugreek seeds and elderflowers to the oil.  Cover and allow to marinate for 2-6 weeks in a cool dark place.  Shake it daily.
  8. After at least 2 weeks, strain herbs from the oil.
  9. Now, you’ve made your own Ayurvedic herb infused oil. (Again, you can skip the cold infusion with fenugreek seeds and elderflowers if you’d like plain amla-brahmi oil.  Just don’t forget to add the castor oil).

This recipe makes over a LITER of my Ayurvedic hair growth oil.  As long as it is not contaminated with water it will last for at least one year.  I use this herbal oil for scalp massages, hot oil treatments and in my deep conditioners. You can half the recipe for a more manageable quantity depending on your hair needs.  And if you want more information on the individual ingredients in this recipe, click here.

What are your favorite Ayurvedic Ingredients?

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