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My First Ayurvedic Hair Paste Application

After getting my finger coils to last nine days using Eco Styler gel, I decided to give it another go in the hopes that I can make this once a week wash day a thing.  This wash day features some new things, like my first time using an Ayurvedic hair paste and a new hair product. The herbs I chose are included in my hair paste are to help me on my mission promoting hair growth, strong hair follicles, minimizing hair fall/loss and thicker hair.  Here’s how my wash day went: [Note: I used Hair Paste and Mud Mask interchangeably, but I’m referring to the same thing.]

Pre-Poo: Ayurvedic Hair Paste

I have my “online hair friend” to thank for the idea of pre-pooing with an Ayurvedic Hair Paste/Mud Mask.  She runs In Nature We Trust on Etsy and has been doing Ayurveda on her beautiful natural hair for years.  She’s been incredibly helpful and patient with me on my Ayurvedic hair journey.

Technically, my wash day started on Thursday when I mixed two teaspoons each of fenugreek seed powder and amla powder together with a 1/4 cup of hot water to make the hair paste.  I let that paste steep (covered) until Friday evening (24+ hours).  I already had amla and brahmi powders sitting in coconut and olive oil from weeks ago.  So that Friday evening, I added about 2.5 T of the amla/brahmi powder and oil mix to my paste.  The image below shows you how the final hair paste looked prior to applying it to my scalp.  And it shows my hair with the mud on my scalp.

Those who have done Ayurvedic mud masks/hair pastes before may be curious about why I didn’t apply the mud to my hair as well.  But I’ve decided not to because: (1) these powders are beneficial for the scalp/hair follicles; (2) every ‘hair type’ article I’ve read says type 4 natural hair is the most fragile; (3) these recipes originate from women with type 1 or 2 hair who apply it to their hair and scalp; and (4) this mud has a graininess that I can feel between my fingers.  My concern is that these slightly grainy mud masks may be a little too much to rub along my fragile hair strands over a long period of time.  It’s just a theory for now but I’ll probably delve into it more at a later date.

My homemade mud mix sat on my scalp covered with a plastic cap for about 4 hours.  I rinsed it out in the kitchen sink with the garbage disposal (Even though I haven’t ever heard anyone complain about Ayurvedic herb powders clogging their pipes, I rinse in the sink that’s meant to receive more than just water just to be on the safe side).


It’s been about 2 weeks since I last used my shampoo bar and my scalp feels fine.  No need to shampoo this week.  After rinsing the Ayurvedic mud from my hair, I co-washed with As I Am Coconut Cowash Conditioner.  I massaged my scalp and let the conditioner sit for a minute before rinsing it from my hair and scalp.

Deep Conditioning

I used Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Deep Conditioner for the second week in a row.  My relaxed hair loved this deep conditioner and my natural hair loves it as well.  I normally would be doing a gloss (adding Ayurvedic herbs to my deep conditioner).  But since I did the Ayurvedic paste already, I didn’t add any herbs to my deep conditioner.  Although I did add a teaspoon of honey for extra moisture retention.  After sitting under hooded dryer for 15 minutes, I left this in my hair overnight.

Leave-In Treatment & Style

The next morning, I rinsed the conditioner from my hair.  I used The Mane Choice Doesn’t Get Much “Butter” Than This on my soaking wet hair.  This is a new product and it’s temporarily replacing my homemade whipped shea butter because (1) it was 50% off at Rite Aid’s liquidation sale and (2) I used the last of my homemade batch of whipped Shea Butter on my daughter’s braids last weekend.  I was going to remake some, but when I saw this in Rite Aid, I went for it.  Three of the four first ingredients are exactly what I put into my own Shea Butter.  And the other ingredients sound delightful as well. They are all natural and easy to pronounce ingredients like castor oil, glycerin, other butters and essential oils.

Once I went through and coated every section of my hair with the shea butter, I started making my finger coils using Eco Styler Gel.  I started at the nape and worked my way to the front.  Pretty similar to the way I’d install my box braids, I worked in horizontal rows until I got to the front/top of my head.  It still takes me about an hour to style, but I’m ok with that because once I’m done, I’m DONE.

Per usual, I didn’t take hair pictures initially after completing my finger coils, but here it is on day 3:

Pretty decent after sleeping on it twice, I think.  Overall, it was a good wash day.  The Ayurvedic Hair Paste, the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey + Honey and The Mane Choice Shea Butter were all winners as far as I’m concerned.  My hair feels so soft and seems to be getting better and better each week.  I’ll be keeping all three in my back pocket for future use.

Have you tried an Ayurvedic Hair Paste? What about any Ayurvedic powders in your hair products? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Hi. I loved in nature we trust products on etsy and her shop disappeared. Her oil was my hg! Do you know what happened or how to find her?

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