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YouTube Channels Featuring Relaxed Hair Care in 2018 [UPDATED]

Hey guys! Since I won’t be blogging about relaxed hair too much anymore. And a lot of the ladies that I listed in my previous list of relaxed hair care vloggers have gone natural or stopped uploading.  I compiled an updated list of ladies on YouTube who are on relaxed hair journeys right now.  They all upload content relating to their hair care.  And as far as I know, they haven’t gone natural or started transitioning since their last upload.  Check these ladies out!

And there are direct links to their youtube channels in the description section of this video.  I hope you enjoy!

Who are your faves for relaxed hair care content on YouTube?

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2 thoughts on “YouTube Channels Featuring Relaxed Hair Care in 2018 [UPDATED]

  1. Thanks for the love hun!! It’s amazing to see so many relaxed ladies when everyone is natural. There’s so many I didn’t even know about. Definitely subscribing!!

    1. Not a problem. You were one of the first to show me that healthy relaxed hair can thrive. And you continue to be an example to so many. Thank you for sharing your hair journey with us.

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