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MY BIG CHOP | Relaxed to Natural Hair at 6 Months Post Relaxer

First of all, for every person that has clicked onto my little blog in search of relaxed hair care or information about my hair journey, THANK YOU!  It’s been an amazing 6 years blogging about my relaxed hair and I have nothing negative to say about it, specifically or generally.  It’s just that right now, I’m moving on to something new.  If you saw my last post, you got an earful about why I am no longer relaxing my hair.  In this post I’m sharing my big chop with you all.  My last relaxer was January 14, 2018 and I big chopped on July 13, 2018 at 6 months post relaxer.  My hair journey is officially on a new direction (but still health and growth focused).  And I’m excited for what’s to come.  I’d love it if you continued to follow me on my natural hair journey.  I’d like to think that a lot of my current hair knowledge is applicable but I am curious to see what is different.  But enough babbling, here’s my big chop!

There’s my Big Chop! Let me know the one tip I should keep in mind now that I’m natural.

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4 thoughts on “MY BIG CHOP | Relaxed to Natural Hair at 6 Months Post Relaxer

  1. Well Kim, you had a good run with relaxed hair. You did all you could to keep it healthy and maintain it’s length. You cared for your hair. Problem-solved, etc.

    Now, welcome to the natural world where you aren’t constantly worried about your ends and stress to your edges! The freedom and options for natural hair are unlimited! Just continue to comb, brush, and add moisture (water misted and oil) and you’ll be amazed. I use Castile Coconut oil soap as a shampoo (NutriBiotic) and a simple moisturizer. Blow dry and flat iron and my hair has thrived for the past 7 years! So easy! Twist hair up before bed and wear a scarf and you’ll be fine. Comb your hair in the morning and go about your day. No fussing anymore. My regimen has made me lazy! God bless and keep going. We are not our hair!

    1. Thank you for one of my warmest welcomes to the world of natural hair, Tracey! I am really excited about this new direction in my hair journey. And please feel free to drop in with some more hair care nuggets whenever you want. I feel like I’m learning all over again, lol.

  2. WOW! You are so brave to do the big chop! If I ever decided to go natural, that’s what I probably would do too. I’m not good at styling my hair at all. I pretty much wear a relaxed wrapped style when I do my own hair and that’s it. Even when I go to have my hair done professionally, I usually get a roller set or wrap. I wouldn’t want to have to wear wigs or get a sew in weave to wait until my natural hair grew out. I’m not planning to go natural any time soon, but I’ll continue to follow your journey. Your new natural style looks good on you, even without being shaped.

    1. Thanks, Angela! That’s why I decided to big chop. Just the thought of having to style my transitioning hair overwhelmed me. Just my luck I would’ve gotten frustrated transitioning and big chopped at an awkward length. I know I’m in for the awkward length eventually, but in the meantime I can learn my natural hair and (hopefully) be better prepared for it. For now, it’s just me and my shrunken fro, lol. Thanks for your support!

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