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10 Tips for Your Best Roller Set (Tutorial)

Anyone remember my very first youtube video? (It’s right here) It’s a dinosaur at this point, but it’s also my most popular upload.  I think that’s because for most mastering the skill of roller setting is alluring and yet so illusive.  Roller sets are a great way to straighten your hair using indirect heat, but getting results that are consistently sleek and smooth takes work.  In the interest of bringing forward the great tips in that video to HD quality (and my much better editing skills, lol), I just posted an updated roller setting tutorial.  But for those who prefer the written word, here are my ten tips to get you to a perfect roller set every time.

Creating Rows

Before you even begin roller setting you need to map out the rows or sections, you’ll be creating.  Lucky for us there are two popular rollersetting patterns that most follow, the mohawk method and the half and half method.  As you create your rows, you will need to keep this one thing in mind:

how to set your hair on magnetic rollers at home

Tip 1: Let the Roller Be Your Guide.  As you create each row, be sure that the width of your rows are less than the width of the roller.  This helps you to (1) have a neater set and (2) make sure all the hair will fit onto the rollers once you begin rolling it.

How to Roll

Once you have your first row sectioned off and the other hair (not in that row) sectioned away with a clip. It’s time to start rolling your hair.

Tip 2: The Smaller the Section the Better.  As you work your way through the row, grabbing your sections of hair to roll onto the roller, keep this in mind: the smaller the sections the better.  Why is this? (1) Your hair will dry faster in smaller sections and (2) It’s easier to smooth and detangle smaller sections of hair.  Which takes me to my third tip:

Tip 3: Detangle from root to tip. Especially, if you have new growth or are natural.  You will need to detangle your hair from the root to the tip.

Tip 4: The Smoother the Better.  As you detangle each section prior to rolling, smooth the hair.  As you roll the hair onto the roller, smooth the hair. You want the hair to be as smooth as possible as it lays on the roller, because however the hair looks on the roller will be exactly how it looks when you remove them.

Tip 5: Wet Hair is Best.  There’s something about the hair being wet that allows you to smooth the hair to perfection.  It probably has something to do with the fact that moisture allows for the hair strands to be more elastic.  But regardless of the internal mechanics of it, keep a spray bottle with water handy to make sure the hair is wet for the smoothest results.

Tip 6: Secure the roller tautly where the roller meets your scalp.  This keeps the hair taut, stretches your new growth and preserves your now smooth hair. And while you are doing that make sure that all the hair is laying flat on the roller. You don’t want any stragglers hanging off the edges.  Those loose hair strands will not come out as sleek as the ones securely laying on the roller.

Perfecting the Style

For the best outcome and most versatility when styling your completed roller set, keep these last four things in mind:

Tip 7: Be consistent the with direction you roll your hair.  This is helpful when you are styling your hair after removing the rollers.  For best results, roll the hair in each row the same direction. This tip is best demonstrated in the video below.  It seems like a meticulous point to make, but when one curl or section of hair is not cooperating, you’ll remember this tip, lol.

Tip 8: Keep the sections similar in size.  This helps most with drying time, but it’s super important to me.  The worst thing about roller sets for me is the time under the dryer.  And having to sit under there for an extra 20 minutes because one super large roller of hair refuses to dry is just the worst.  Don’t let this be you, make sure you keep about the same amount of hair on each roller.

Tip 9:  The hardest rollers to secure are on the edges (nape, by the ears and at the front).  Do those sections last and clip them to the roller that is right next to them to keep them secured.  This keeps it from hanging loosely, which we know is a big no-no in the world of sleek roller sets.

Tip 10: Do NOT remove the rollers until the hair is 100% dry.  I’m telling you, this is the last tip, but honestly the most important because you can do all of the above perfectly. But if you remove your rollers when your hair is even damp and you will have limp frizzy hair that refuses to curl. Just don’t do it.

And there you have it! Those are my ten tips for your best roller set yet.  Check out the updated video below:


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