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Wash Day | Jumping into Ayurvedic Hair Care

After three months of bi-weekly wash days, I’ve finally succumb to the fact that my hair needs to be deep conditioned every week — it just has to happen.  Moisturizing daily or a couple times a week just doesn’t do it for my hair.  My hair feels and looks great on wash day but by day 3 it starts to lose its appeal.  And as you can imagine, 14 days later I am dealing with a desert.  Rinsing my ends with water helped a little, but by that point I realized that nothing was going to moisturize my hair as well as a deep conditioning treatment.  So, I’m back to my weekly wash days — or at least that’s the goal. I was supposed to wash my hair this coming weekend at two weeks, but I just had to stop everything and wash my hair this past Tuesday.  

Before I Get Into My Wash Day…

If you’ve been following me on snapchat or instagram, then you’ve probably seen the stories involving my interest in Ayurvedic ingredients.  I mentioned Amla oil a while back, which I have been using on my hair here and there.  But it’s mixed with terrible oils and I wanted to make my own using coconut oil.  In my googling I found hairbuddha.net and I’ve been obsessed.  I’m pretty sure I have read every article she’s written at this point (some much more than that, lol).

Last weekend, in addition to the Amla powder that I already have I bought fenugreek seeds and brahmi powder.  I’ll be using these three ingredients to make my first Ayurvedic herbal oil infusion, which of course I will share.  Just to give you quick introductions: Amla conditions the hair and increases hair follicle count; Brahmi strengthens the hair follicle promoting thicker hair strands with prolonged use; and Fenugreek nourishes the hair with it’s protein and nutrients promoting thicker hair growth with regular use.  All three of these require long term use to see their benefits, so plan to see them appear a lot more often in my future blog posts.

My Wash Day

Even though, I haven’t made my oil infusion yet, I decided to use the Amla and Brahmi in this wash day.  To start, I pre-pooed with the coconut oil.  I shampooed with GVP Tea Tree Oil Shampoo (from Sally Beauty).   Instead of just deep conditioning with my favorite DC (GVP Conditioning Balm), I emptied out the remaining bits of my Design Essentials conditioners (did you see my last video reviewing these products?).

My First Gloss (Amla and Brahmi)

Instead of just applying the conditioners to my hair, I decided to make an Ayurvedic gloss, which is [1] 1-2 tsp of Ayurvedic powder plus [2] 1/4 cup of aloe vera juice or gel and [3] your favorite conditioner.  For my first gloss, I added 1 teaspoon of Amla powder and 1 teaspoon of Brahmi powder along with about 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel.  (There wasn’t enough of the Design Essentials conditioners left, so ended up adding some of my fave DC).  I created this mix in the morning so the ingredients got to marinate for hours before I used it.  I deep conditioned with this mix (aka my amla and brahmi gloss) for about an hour.

Results from My Amla Brahmi Gloss

As soon as I rinsed it, my hair was noticeably different.  My hair was moisturized from the base of new growth to the ends of my strands.  I doubt it was the Ayurvedic powders since most descriptions of their benefits explain that it requires long term use to notice difference.  But I would be willing to bet money that the aloe vera gel super charged my deep conditioner.  Regardless, I’m loving it and can’t wait to try some more Ayurvedic ingredients. (P.S. I ordered a few more items online that should be arriving soon.  I’ll update you with all the ingredients I decided on and why I chose them in the near future.)

How I Styled My Hair

My current regimen calls for roller setting, but there wasn’t enough time to roller set.  I applied my Ion Miracle leave-in conditioner and put my hair in four twists to air dry.  The next morning my hair was so soft.  Even now, two days later, my hair feels so soft and moisturized.  And I’ve been wearing my hair in a ponytail since then.

So, if you are keeping track from my updated hair regimen this post is pretty much putting you on notice that I will be back on with my weekly wash days.  Hopefully, I can keep up with my roller sets, but if not then it will be back to air drying.  And for those who care, this wash day puts me at 13 weeks post relaxer.

Thanks for reading! How was your last wash day?  Any new hair revelations you’d care to share?

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