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Does Biotin Cause Tender Scalp?

biotin and tender scalp sore itchy fancyflairladyFor once, I’ve been wonderfully consistent with my hair supplements.  I was taking them almost every day like clockwork.  And probably about a month ago, I started to notice that my scalp at the crown felt tender or sore.  It wasn’t so much so that it was painful, but it was this thing happening in the background.  I don’t even think I noticed when it first came on, but at some point I started to wonder why my scalp felt weird.  My first thought was, of course, my relaxer.  But I was over a month post relaxer and decided it probably wasn’t that.  Especially since I didn’t see anything on my scalp after inspecting it.  Then I started to wear my buns and ponytails looser.  But after a few weeks of this with no change, I went searching the internet for answers, (lol don’t judge me but that’s where I look first for everything I’m uncertain of). 

I found a few hair forums (here and here) where people were making the connection between their  tender scalp and biotin.  They both also mentioned itchiness and when I started to think about it, I have been scratching my scalp a bit more than usual.  I expected a pimple here and there.  But I had never experienced a tender scalp (I had also never been so consistent with my biotin either).  So my question to you is:

Does biotin cause tender, sore and/or itchy scalp?  Have you taken biotin supplements? What was your experience?  

Regardless, I have stopped taking my hair supplements to see if my scalp returns back to normal.  If it does and I’m sure that it was the biotin/my hair supplement.  Then I will probably test out another growth aid (see video for which one).

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3 thoughts on “Does Biotin Cause Tender Scalp?

  1. I think it makes my scalp itch also. Less than a week after a relaxer touchup, I starting having an itchy scalp. I didn’t think it was the relaxer. So I shampooed and conditioned my hair shortly after and the itching persisted. I saw this post and decided to stop taking my biotin. The itching has almost stopped. So I guess I’ll have to try something else to boost my hair growth. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Me too. I noticed that my scalp is back to normal since I stopped using the biotin. I’m back to just using castor oil and amla oil on my scalp. So far, no unwanted side effects from that. I’m glad this was able to help you troubleshoot.

  2. Me to I take biotin I noticed I had the same symptoms I decided to google info about itchy irritated scalp after coming across this info I will look to another type of hair growth supplement

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