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My 2018 Relaxed Hair Regimen for Thicker Hair

Relaxed Hair Regimen for Thicker HairWhen last we spoke about my hair, I was left questioning what I want to do with my hair.  My original goal was to have waist length hair.  But on that quest to waist length, I encountered breakage and thinning ends.  Now, I’m questioning whether waist length is in the cards for me.  Of course, I’d love to have crazy long hair, but I also want voluminous hair.  And truthfully, waist length hair isn’t much to be excited about without voluminous hair anyway.  The more I think about it, I need a hair regimen for thicker relaxed hair.  It’s more in line with what my hair needs right now.  Currently sitting with full arm pit length hair, my plan is to focus on maintaining my hair’s thickness and maybe the length will come later.

Updates to My Relaxed Hair Regimen for Thicker Hair

Wash Days

Wash days will continue include my standard: pre-poo/hot oil treatment, shampoo, deep condition, leave-in treatment and style.  But while I would love to be able to wash my hair every weekend (which is ideal), I have to be real about my schedule. Weekly wash days just aren’t in the cards for me right now.  Every two weeks is much more attainable for full wash days.

Not Air Drying Anymore.

I’ll be roller setting and drying under a hooded dryer.  First, I know I want to roller sets because it gives me straight hair and stretch new growth.  And that translates to easier detangling and less breakage between wash days.   Secondly, if I’m going to be roller setting, then I won’t have the time to let it air dry.  To date, I’ve been squeezing in wash days where I can, and I typically don’t have the hours upon hours to let my rollers hair air dry.  I’m a little sad about this one, but hopefully I won’t regret this biweekly heat under a hooded dryer — I mean, it is indirect heat, right?

Extra Long Relaxer Stretches.

My relaxer stretches will continue to be 20-24 weeks (5-6 months).  So long as I can minimize the hair breakage, these long stretches maximize my length retention and my hair’s thickness.  And they will continue to be a part of my 208 hair regimen for thicker relaxed hair.

Protective Styles.

For my most recent relaxer stretches, I’ve had box braids in and they’ve been such great experiences.  Installing them during the most tedious parts of my relaxer stretches has helped tremendously.  It completely hides my hair, limits breakage, and eliminates weekly detangling sessions.  Around week 14-16, I’ll install box braids and with a six to eight week install period that will get me to end of my relaxer stretches.

Protein Treatments.

I’ve been loving the altered look and feel of my hair since I started using strong protein treatments.  The plan is to continue doing these every 8 weeks.  That ends up being 8 weeks post relaxer, 16 weeks post relaxer and then 23/24 weeks post relaxer (right before my relaxer day wash day).

Daily Moisturizing.

I’ve always been a little slack about moisturizing my hair but without weekly deep conditioning treatments, I’m aiming for daily moisturizing.  And when I found daily moisturizing was a part of this relaxed lady’s gorgeous hair, I was recommitted to the cause.  Plus, if I fall short of every day, at least I will be way better than I have been in the past.

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