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Relaxer Prep at 25 Weeks Post Relaxer

After hiding from my hair for the past few months, it was finally time to give my hair a lot of attention.  If you remember, I was dealing with so much post partum shedding that it made wash days depressing.  I pretty much lost ALL my edges.  In November, I installed box braids. But because of the absence of edges I wore a headband daily and prayed that my edges would grow back with time — spoiler alert they’re starting to grow back in (whew!).

Here is how this wash day went:

[1] I removed my braids and [2] detangled my hair as I removed every 3-5 braids.  [3] Pre-pooed with coconut oil and [4] I finished the last bit of my Shea Moisture JBCO Shampoo then used Design Essentials Honey Creme Shampoo for two more lathers. [5] My hair was due for a hard protein treatment. And I opted for Aphogee Step 2 Keratin Protein Treatment and sat under the hooded dryer for 15 minutes. [6] After rinsing, I applied Aphogee Balancing Moisture Conditioner to restore pH and moisture.  [7] I deep conditioned with GVP Conditioning Balm for 1 hour. [8] Then I applied GVP The Conditioner Leave-in Conditioner.  [9] I roller set on mesh rollers and sat under the hooded dryer for 1 hour. 

relaxer prep wash 25 weeks post relaxer hair

Styling My Hair:

[10] Once I removed the rollers, it was clear to me that I needed to trim my ends again.  I made a snap decision in that moment to cut the longer portions of my hair so that it would be more even with the front section of my hair (see this post for my hair cut from about a year ago).  Now the shorter front sections are pretty close the same length as the back sections, which makes me happier about my hair.  Plus, I’m  pleasantly surprised that my hair still has volume after all my postpartum shedding.  There were many days where I was certain I losing it all.  But, I am keeping my excitement measured until relaxer day.  There are 25 weeks of new growth under there that’s probably helping with the appearance.  [11] Speaking of thick new growth, I flat ironed my roots on 410 degrees Fahrenheit.  Pictured below are the final results (last picture on the right).

I still haven’t looked at my hair from behind, but it looks like I’m probably arm pit length.  With my next relaxer my roots will be straight and I’ll be able to even out this spontaneously hair cut.  At that point, I’ll do an official length check.

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