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Relaxer Update | February 2017

I ended my relaxer stretch at 22 weeks and you already know that I cut my hair.  For this update, I really just want to share my plans for my hair as I continue with these long term stretches.  It feels sort of like a new beginning for me and so I want to take my hair journey back to basics.  I’m at a place where my hair feels good again and I want to keep it that way.  My hair goal is to retain length and strength.  So, let me share with you how I plan to do that.  But if you also would like to see a run through of my relaxer day at home from start to finish along with my thoughts, check out the video below.

Hair Products Used With This Relaxer:

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[STEP 1] Summit Sensitive Scalp to base scalp
[STEP 2] Elasta QP Leave-In and Vaseline on my previously relaxed hair
[STEP 3] Design Essentials Lye Relaxer (Regular Strength) for nearly 25 minutes.
[STEP 4] Elasta QP Stop Action Neutralizing Shampoo and Design Essentials Neutralizing Shampoo.
[STEP 5] Design Essentials 6N1 Reconstructive Conditioner for 5-10 minutes.
[STEP 6] Silk Elements KeraMinerals Smoothing Conditioner (overnight).
[STEP 7] Roux 619 moisture vials and GVP The Conditioner leave-in conditioners.
[STEP 8] Roller set on Mesh Rollers.

My four main objectives for this relaxer stretch:

[1] Strong Protein Every 6-8 weeks. I’ll be using Aphogee step 2 protein treatment for now.

[2] Weekly Coconut Oil Pre-Shampoo/Hot Treatments even throughout the summer months.

[3] No flat irons or blow dryers.  Only air drying or roller setting under a hooded dryer.

[4] Stretch my relaxer for 24 weeks (but I’m giving myself an out at 20 weeks, if needed).

I plan to keep these four things in mind as I go through this relaxer stretch and I hope that it helps to maximize my length retention.  I should mention that along with these four items, I will continue protective styling and deep conditioning weekly.

The backstory leading up to this Relaxer:

My Setback Story: Read More or Watch the Video.

A Close Look At My Setback Hair: The Video.

How I Hair My Cut After A Setback: Read More or Watch the Video.

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