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How I Cut My Hair

How I Cut My Hair:

The time finally came to cut my hair! I was anxious about losing the length but I was also so happy to no longer have to deal with thinner ends.  I recorded the whole hair cutting experience and I think that I did a pretty good job.  The “How I Cut My Hair” video is above and some more pictures are down below.  (And if you missed my setback post, check that out too!)  Let me know what you think!

My Hair Cut:

How I Cut My Hair

Before and After the Cut:

How I Cut My Hair

Length Check February 2017:

How I Cut My Hair

The plan is to continue doing regular trims until the thin ends are completely gone.

Last Length Check (August 2016) vs. Current Length Check (February 2017):

How I Cut My Hair

Well there you have it.  I cut my hair from waist length to arm pit length (APL).  And believe it or not, I’m actually happier with my hair now.  I know that I still need to cut more and I probably should have with this relaxer.  But (1) I got rid of the worst of my thin ends, (2) I stopped cutting right where my ends started looking decent again, and (3) the idea of going back to neck/shoulder length where I wouldn’t be able to bun my hair was a little too much to bear all at once.  With my next relaxer in June, the plan is to cut my hair back to this length.  (And please hold me to it because in six month I could totally see myself reasoning myself out of it.)  Hopefully that next cut should get rid of the rest of these thinner ends.  With all of that said, next week I’ll share my full relaxer update and plans for this next relaxer stretch.

September 2016 Length Check.

How did I do with my hair cut?

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