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Trying Something New | French Bouffant Rollers

french-bouffant-rollersI bought these french bouffant rollers a while ago, like before my relaxer six months ago. And can you believe I completely forgot I had them?  Can you say product junkie?  They were the whole reason that I came up with the idea to do a product haul back in July and I forgot to even include them in there, lol.  But I rediscovered them in my hair care storage bin when I was gathering my relaxer day tools a few weeks ago.   And so here we are about to test them out for the first time.

I debated on whether to do a full blog post on them because they are not available (online or in stores) here in america.  I bought them through someone who lives in France and paid an abundance of shipping costs to get them to me.  But I figure there might someone from France who comes across my blog and may be interested in these rollers so why not do a blog post.  And who knows maybe one day they will be available in the U.S.  Plus I’m sure that there are similar vented/mesh rollers available that may be comparable. 

My Thoughts on the French Bouffant Rollers.

mezzo-french-bouffant-rollers-and-pinsI bought 12 french bouffant rollers with 2″ diameters along with the pins to secure them.  There were three brands available, but this was the one that I happened to receive.  They are longer in length than magnetic rollers and so I could make bigger parts.  And, I could get more hair on each roller while still keeping the hair smooth on the rollers.

It was my first time using pins and I did struggle with them.  I was literally using trial and error to get them to secure the rollers, but it worked in the end.  I used end papers just to be safe because I wasn’t sure how the fabric on the rollers would do with my hair.  All in all it wasn’t a difficult transition from magnetic rollers to these.  I probably ended up taking less time to install them even with my struggles with the pins.

Probably the best feature about these rollers is that because they are so well ventilated, the drying time was super short.   You guys know how I am about sitting under the dryer — it’s a struggle.  But after 30 minutes my hair was mostly dry (even with considerably more hair on each roller than I would normally put).

The Results from Using French Bouffant Rollers.


Here are the Results.  I like how my hair turned out.  And of course it went straight into a bun, lol.  My hair isn’t 100% as straight as it gets with magnetic rollers.  My hair 90-95% as straight with these rollers, but it’s close enough.  I can honestly see myself deferring to this as my drying technique for the majority of this stretch.  It’s so much easier and faster than using magnetic rollers.  But we will see how things pan out, because the way that my laziness is set up…you just never know, lol.

What do you think? Have you tried mesh/ventilated rollers before? What are your thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “Trying Something New | French Bouffant Rollers

  1. I’ve seen the medium size around. I guess I’ll pick up enough so my hair can air dry quickly. This is such an eye opener.

  2. So, you’ve got the exclusive hook up! I haven’t tried rollers like these before, but I can understand how it would work better for your hair because of ventilation. If still love to see the finished style you went with but I’m glad the rollers worked well for you.

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