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Relaxer Day | September 2016

another 6 month stretch relaxer update september 2016I literally lost track of this relaxer stretch.  I’m not sure how it happened, but I had no idea whether I had relaxed my hair in March or April. :/  That’s why every time I updated you guys there was a four week swing, lol.  Thankfully after looking back at my social media posts last week, I figured out that I was close to the end of my 24 week stretch.

This Relaxer Stretch

For most of this stretch, I conditioned my hair every 3-5 days and protectively styled most of the time.  I airdried with each wash day, except roughly once every two weeks when I roller set or flat ironed my hair.  At 23 weeks post relaxer, I did my typical relaxer prep wash day: pre-poo, shampoo, protein treatment, deep condition, (and this time) roller set and flat ironed my hair.  (I skipped the blow dryer since I had just done it a week prior).  Once this weekend rolled in, I was 24 weeks post relaxer and it was time to get relaxer day started.

Relaxer Day

[1] On my scalp Summit Sensitive Scalp.

[2] On my previously relaxed hair, Design Essentials 6N1 Conditioner with Petroleum Jelly on top.

[3] Relaxer: Design Essentials Conditioning Relaxer (Regular Strength – Lye).

[4] Neutralizing Shampoo: I used three for the purpose of comparing them: (1) Design Essentials Honey & Milk, (2) Mizani Phormula-7, and finally (3) Elasta QP Stop Action.

[5] Protein Treatment: Chi Infra Treatment.

[6] Deep Conditioner: Generic Value Products Conditioning Balm.

[7] Leave-in Treatment: ION Miracle Leave-In.

[8] Roller Set.

I almost wish I had recorded this relaxer because it may have been my best one yet, which is funny because I did not feel like doing my hair that day.  I applied the relaxer with great precision keeping the relaxer creme  1/4″ away from my scalp.  Also, I had mirrors set up so that I could see my hair from every angle, which definitely helped.  After smoothing my new growth, the entire relaxer application process was 23 minutes.

Trying Something New

There are three random things I’ve been doing with the last 2 to 3 relaxer days: (1) coating my previously relaxed hair with petroleum jelly; (2) pre-parting my hair keeping each section separated with plastic duck bill clips; and (3) rinsing my hair taking care to not let the relaxer run off run down the shaft of my hair strands to my ends.  My hope is that these three things will help to increase the longevity/strength of the ends of my hair and minimize thinning ends as a result of breakage.

Final Thoughts

I am very happy with these super long stretches, I can actually see a difference in the thickness of my hair.  The downside is my ends are not as thick, but that’s ok.  Plus, I’m sure the added thickness will continue to grow out and improve my overall thickness. The plan is to continue stretching for 24-ish weeks and I can’t wait to see how things progress.

Here is my relaxer update and live views of my relaxer results.  There is no relaxer day length check because I didn’t flat iron my hair this time around.  However, here is my length (and ends) check after flat ironing at 22 weeks post relaxer:
22 weeks Post relaxer length check aug 2016

How have your relaxer stretches been going?

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10 thoughts on “Relaxer Day | September 2016

  1. Its good to have length but aren’t you concerned that the the long stretches might be causing harm to your ends. From previous relaxer updates your ends looked much better. I am just wondering

    1. I guess, I don’t see what you see. But to me, my hair has been changing for the better. I don’t know if you watched the video update that’s linked in this blog post, but my hair is considerably thicker and more voluminous. Maybe when I have time to flat iron my hair, I can do a true comparison of my relaxer day length check (with no new growth) to see where my hair is currently at. …or maybe I’m wrong. Who knows? But thanks for commenting.

  2. Ok now what is your technique for preventing the relaxer runoff from reaching your ends

    1. I coat my ends with Vasoline, oil and/or conditioner before relaxing. And, as I initially rinse the relaxer from my roots, I try to keep my ends as dry holding my ends away from the water (if that makes sense). It’s not 100% but I think it helps.

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