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Wash Day | Why I’m Loving Flexi Rod Sets

flexi rod set fancyflairlady.Last week I mentioned having a few low manipulation styles in your back pocket to get you through a long relaxer stretch.  And this one was an instant fave from the first time I tried it.  Flexi rods sets are quick, easy and a cute hair styling option.  Last weekend, I styled my hair with flexi rods after deep conditioning my ends with Chi Infra Treatment and co washing with As I Am Coconut Cowash Conditioner.  And it made me realize how much I love flexi rods sets.  Here are the reasons why I’ve been loving flexi rod sets:

How I set my hair on flexi rods[1] The Look.

Instead of smoothly wrapping the hair around the flexi rod (similar to how you might lay the hair on to a magnetic roller), I (1) wrap the hair on to flexi rod in a spiral formation and (2) twist the hair on itself while wrapping it on the flexi rod.  It sounds like a complicated process–wrapping and twisting at the same time, but it’s actually very easy.  I hold the hair at the root with one edge of the flexi rod laying right next to it.  And then wrap it around the flexi rod without letting go of the grip I have on my hair.  Doing that automatically causes the hair to twist on itself.  For any other roller setting technique where you want smooth curls, this is not what you would want to do.  But doing this wrapping technique on the flexi rod creates these several clumpy (in a good way!) spirals.

[2] Less Time to Set. 

Using this technique, I don’t need to use as many flexi rods to accomplish this look (about 20) and I set my hair on the rods in about 20-30 minutes.

flexi rod set relaxed hair care fancyflairlady[3] More Volume.

And even though my hair looks sparse when the flexi rods are first removed, all I have to do is separate each of the spirals into 2-3 separate spirals to create instant volume.  And I finish it off by fluffing/massaging my hair at the roots to camouflage the parts.

[4] Off the Shoulders.

When I set the curls I make sure that the curls stop at my neck so that I don’t have to worry about my ends brushing up against my shoulder or any fabric. The less friction there is, the less likely it is that my ends dry out and/or break off.  It’s no muss, no fuss in the best way.

[5] No heat Necessary. [6] Easier to Sleep in. [7] Lasts for Days. 

I start on freshly washed but partially air dried hair.  And this time I only applied ORS Smooth n Hold pudding before setting my hair on the rods.  I allowed the spirals to set overnight, which was waayyyy more comfortable than magnetic rollers (but let’s be clear, it wasn’t a dream either, lol).  When I removed the flexi rods, I was impressed with the natural shine of my hair from just using one product. The ORS Smooth N Hold Pudding was there for hold, but I got moisturized hair with a natural shine as well (see below for pic right after removing the flexi rods).  I loved it!  After sleeping on it (pineappled) and working out,  I can say four days later, my hair still looks and feels good, although it did morph into an updo, lol.flexi rod set with ORS Smooth n hold pudding

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Have you tried styling your hair with flexi rods?  How did it go? Did you like it?

The Wash Day Experience
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12 thoughts on “Wash Day | Why I’m Loving Flexi Rod Sets

  1. I love the way that you wrapped your hair around the flex-rod. Pure genius!

    I tried the Smooth N Hold Pudding once. It left my hair with flakes then it didn’t even hold the curl. *le sigh*

    Thank goodness for Sally’s return policy!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    1. Oh no. My hair didn’t get flakes, but I did notice there was some residue after shampooing this time. I never noticed that before. Hopefully I just missed a spot and/or I was heavier handed with the product in that area. But other than that, I love this pudding. Soft hold and shine.

  2. I still have not tried the spiral/wand technique for flexi sets, I guess I’m sooooo used to the traditional method that I’m like on auto pilot whenever I do them and I really want to cause they look like they show more length that way. I’m gonna try one next weekend! *pinky swears to myself* LOL! Your hair looks great!

    1. Lol, you should! I would love to see the results. You know I’ve only ever tried it this way. One day, I may try doing it the traditional way.

    1. Thanks, Becca! Yes, I do. But I only separate each curl into 2-3 separate curls because I don’t want it to start frizzing too early. My hair tends to get bigger with each day. So I don’t mind the mild volume on day one. To me it looks best on days 2-3. By day 4 or 5, I’m in a ponytail or a pinned updo due to frizz and falling curls.

  3. Your hair came out great! I’ve never tried this on my hair before. My hair is so thick, that it would take forever to do this alone. Lol. I might it get it done at a salon one day though.

    Thanks for sharing your wash day!

    1. Hi Jackie, I could imagine it could be a bit much for someone with thick hair. But it’s great for adding volume to my not-so-thick hair. Thanks for commenting!

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