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Get Ready With Me | Relaxer Day (March 2016)

Relaxing my hair with a new relaxer for the first time.I know you’re giving me the side eye right now for having yet another relaxer day post for you guys.  I mean, what do I think this is…a RHOA reunion? lol.  But please don’t throw tomatoes at me, lol.  A lot happened with my last relaxer and it was way too much to consolidate into one video or post.  I figured in smaller segments you can read/watch the parts that are most interesting to you.  Now, if you were curious about how my relaxer day went from start to finish then this post is for you.  

Prep Work

I started my prep work the night before.  I knew I wanted to pre-part my hair to make the relaxer application process easier, so I did that before bed.  I secured each parted section (within the four quadrants) with a twist.  I twisted only the portions of my hair that were already relaxed.

Protecting My Scalp

The next morning, I greased my scalp and the skin near my hair line using my handy dandy Summit Sensitive Scalp Base Creme.  This product is specifically for use during chemical processing and to helps to shield my scalp from the relaxer.  I  felt really good about using this today since I wasn’t using a sensitive scalp relaxer.

Protecting My Previously Relaxed Hair

I coated my previously relaxed hair with Vaseline to protect it from relaxer runoff.

relaxer update fancyflairlady march 2016

Relaxer Application

And began applying the relaxer to my new growth.  I was careful to not let it touch my scalp.  My goal was to keep the relaxer at least 1/8th of an inch away from my scalp.  I realized that having that extra space would be ok because (1) I knew I’d be coming back through to smooth (at that point I could get the new growth closer to my scalp) and (2) the hair close to the scalp processes faster anyway due to it the natural heat emanating from my scalp.  Thanks to the pre-parted sections, the application process went very smoothly.  I was real quick with my hands and I was rinsing the back sections after 18 minutes.

After Applying the Relaxer

Once the tingling got under way it was time to rinse the relaxer from my hair, neutralize and do my protein treatment followed by a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment (Products I used are listed below but for more on this part of my relaxer day read this).  One downside to the pre-parted sections was that my hair was a little tangled once I got around to combing through my hair just before blow drying.  I thought I had untwisted all of the twisted sections while I was rinsing the relaxer, but I must have missed some twists in the back.  However I didn’t mind taking the extra time to detangle because the twists/pre-parted sections made relaxing my hair so much easier.

Stylingrelaxer update fancyflairlady March 2016

I used the DE HCO Blow Dry Spray before blow drying my hair in four sections.  Then I applied CHI Silk Infusion and proceeded to flat iron.  Randomly I decided to cut the front section of my hair because my ends were terribly thin there.  You can see that part and the rest of relaxer day in the video below.


Summit Sensitive Scalp Base Creme
Design Essentials Regular Conditioning Relaxer
Design Essentials Neutralizing Shampoo
Design Essentials 6N1 Reconstructive Conditioner
Design Essentials Express Instant Conditioner
Design Essentials Bamboo & Silk HCO Blow Dry Spray

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Check out the Video too!


Thanks for watching! 

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