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Lots of New Growth | 23 Weeks Post Relaxer Wash Day

23 weeks post relaxer wash day

I made it to the (almost) end you guys!  I’m 23 weeks post relaxer and relaxer day is on the horizon.  This second attempt at stretching for 6 months was a little more daunting than the last, but I did my best to be patient with my new growth.  In preparation for my relaxer day, I wanted my new growth stretch, but didn’t feel like flat ironing.  I opted to just blow dry thoroughly.  Check out the supporting cast to this wash day and my hair below.

23 weeks of new growth fancyflairladyPre-Shampoo.

This was my first time trying Matrix Biolage Detangling Solution as a pre-poo, and it was good especially since I had so much new growth to detangle.  I sprayed a little water to moisten my hair and applied the product to my hair in sections to help me detangle.  To limit tangles, I kept my hair in four twist for the rest of the wash day.


My first lather was with Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo to clarify and then I followed that up with 2 lathers using Design Essentials Honey Creme Moisture Retention Super Detangling Conditioning Shampoo.

Deep Conditioner.

After my results from two weeks ago, I was eager to use the Design Essentials Rosemary and Mint Super Moisturizing Conditioner again.  My hair soaked it right up! It’s super moisturizing and I can feel the cooling effect of the rosemary and mint on my scalp.  I left that on for 30 minutes and detangled again as I rinsed the product from each section.

23 weeks post relaxer wash day fancyflairlady blow dryLeave-In Treatments.

The Design Essentails HCO Leave In Conditioner arrived in the mail yesterday, so I used it as my leave-in treatment before blow drying my hair.  I was afraid that it might be too much protein for my hair, but it wasn’t at all.  It was great for detangling the small sections before blow drying and it left my hair soft, smooth and moisturized.  I carefully used my denman brush to aid in smoother blow dried results starting at the ends of my hair and working my way up to the roots.  My blow dried results were a little better.  I’m sure with less new growth I would have seen more pronounced difference, but my blow dry skills are improving.  After I was done, I sprayed my hair liberally with Proclaim Spray On Glosser for added shine and clipped half my hair back with a claw clamp.

How was your last wash day? How’s your hair?  Are you stretching your relaxers still?

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