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Qualities to look for in a Deep Conditioner.

Quality Deep Conditioner fancyflairladyEven though I know that every head of hair is different from the next, it always surprises me how varied we all can be to what we ultimately think of a product.  One person’s ‘holy grail’ is another person’s ‘it’s iight,’ and another person’s ‘worst product ever.’  All of this wonderment got me thinking, How do YOU know whether you’ve got a good deep conditioner?  What exactly makes a deep conditioner great to you?  We all know that all deep conditioners are not created equally. And even though different products work differently for different heads of hair, there have to be qualities that you look for in a deep conditioner.  I am curious to know what those qualities are for you and how do you rank them?  Below you’ll find what qualities make a deep conditioner great to me and how I rank them.

My Top 6
[1] Moisturization. I’m currently fighting a dry patch with my hair and so the most important thing I need to see happen with my hair when I use a deep conditioner is moisturization.  I can’t have my hair feeling dry, brittle or thirsty.  After rinsing and once dried I want my hair to feel supple and full of moisture so that it can be easily manipulated without breakage.
[2] Elasticity/Strength.  Next on my must have list is elasticity.  I need my hair to be able to withstand manipulation and tension without breaking.  I want a little strength to counteract the moisture but not so much strength that it’s brittle and fragile — that’s the kind of balance I’m looking for.
[3] Slip. I just told you guys how I feel about this one (see last post).  Conditioning I expect but when it has slip too, detangling becomes easier and the conditioner becomes multipurpose. Two thumbs up for slip.
[4] Softness.  This quality is more about how my hair feels in my hands.  Softness to the touch after conditioning is a quality I thorough enjoy.  It makes me happier with a product when it leaves me with softer hair.
[5] Shine.  I know what you’re thinking having shine is superficial and doesn’t add to the health of my hair.  Yes, you’re right but dull hair looks lifeless and sad.  Having a natural shine brings life to my hair.  It’s like the cherry on top of a bomb ice cream sundae.  You don’t need it, but the health of your hair that becomes show stopping when it’s there.  A product that gives me all of my top 5 gets a special place in my heart (i.e. KeraMinerals Smoothing Deep Conditioner, L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm, and Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner).  Before I found slip Nexxus Humectress would be on this list, but unless I’m early in my relaxer stretch I can’t keep it on my list of top performers because it’s slip game is not there.
[6] Smoothness.  This one is only important to me when air drying my hair because roller sets and flat ironing can give me the smoothness I want regardless of the deep conditioner I’m using (I just use a serum).  But a conditioner that smooths my puffy, fluffy, frizzy air dried hair is a plus that I want to recognize — it’s just not a must have for me.

Well there you have it my top qualities that I need to see in my deep conditioners.  Truthfully a deep conditioner that gives me the top 2 will never get a bad review from me.  But if I don’t see at least 4 of the top 5 in a deep conditioner, then a repurchase is just not likely.


What are your must haves?  And how do you rank them?
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6 thoughts on “Qualities to look for in a Deep Conditioner.

  1. Moisture and softness is what I look for. they usually go hand in hand. And yes DCs work so differently for everyone, so I try to follow reviews of people who have similar hair to me and live in a similar climate.

    1. I’ve never really considered someone else’s climate, but you make a really good point about that. Humidity especially can change up your whole situation.

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