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That Moment You Realize…

BabyLiss Conair Vidal Sassoon blow dryer…that your blow drying technique is subpar.  I have been so annoyed at my blow dryers and I was convinced that they were not good. They didn’t have the right attachments and they weren’t ceramic, ionic or any other fancy new technological advances that are currently out there.  I’ve had both my blow dryers for almost 10 years. I had to be missing something, right?

Well, I got a new blow dryer for Christmas — the BabylissPRO Carrera2 Ionic Porcelain Ceramic Hair Dryer. It’s got ceramic technology (for smoother shinier results), infrared heat (that is gentle on the hair) and negative ions (that help to dry your hair faster).  And so I recorded my first impressions of the blow dryer (see video down below).  Now, while I was impressed with some of the upgrades (faster drying time and I guess, gentle heat), I was taken a back at how puffy and not straight my blow dried results were.  And it wasn’t until I was editing the video that it hit me — my blow drying technique must be bad.  I mean, isn’t there a saying about how “a bad workman blames his tools.”  …Yup, that sounds about right.  Three blow dryers in and I now realize that I’m no good with a blow dryer.  And it’s funny because a couple months back when adorablekey on Instagram posted her blow dried hair, I immediately DMed her to find out what blow dryer she used to get those amazingly straight results.  When she told me that it was an old blow dryer that was on its last leg, I was convinced that there was something about her blow dryer that made her results so smooth and straight.  Now, I realize adorablekey just has skills and I need to work on mine, lol.

Check out my latest video:


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6 thoughts on “That Moment You Realize…

    1. You’re right, Tomes. I used the tips that I received from a few ladies who commented under my video and this weekend’s blow dry session was better. There is still room for improvement, but I’m definitely working on that technique!

  1. Hi Kim! How do I follow your blog now? I think it stopped sending me notifications after you switched to WordPress. ION, technique makes a ton of difference. Only that the best techniques take so much time to do 🙁

    1. lol, you are right about it taking longer. I think that was main issue, I would just rush through the blow drying process as I got to the last few sections.

      If you were following me on blogger, under your reading list there should be an “Add” button. Click “Add” and type in my current web address ( without the blogspot). That should hopefully work. If you were following me somewhere else, let me know because I thought I did the right transferring for bloglovin and feed burner.

      Thanks, Becca K!

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