6 Month Stretch, Relaxer Updates

Relaxing Six Months of New Growth

I’ve shared the results of my six month stretch, but this is how the relaxer day actually went down.  I was trying to add my snapchat story for you guys to watch at the end of this post, but it wasn’t really working out the way I wanted.  Instead, I included screen shots of the whole process.1. Relaxer day started with me gathering everything I needed to get me through the relaxer application process:

The Prep Work. 

    • Vaseline;
    • Summit Sensitive Scalp and Pointed Applicator Bottle;
    • Clips for securing my hair in sections;
    • Small Hand Mirror to see the back sections as I relax;
    • Affirm Fiberguard Relaxer – Sensitive Scalp (2 tubs) and Activator;
    • Spatula-like tool for applying the relaxer;
    • Rat tail Comb, for parting;
    • Gloves;
    • Aphogee Keratin 2 minute Reconstructor;
    • Mizani Phormula-7 Chelating and Neutralizing Shampoo;
    • Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner; and
    • my cell phone for its stopwatch.
2. I created four sections, based my scalp with Summit Sensitive Scalp and applied Vaseline (mixed with my Elasta QP Serum) to my ends.
3. Because it was taking me a while to part my hair without causing breakage, I decided to pre-part the back sections and secure the sections with clamps to make applying the relaxer quicker.  It was a crucial step for applying relaxer to the new growth in the back two sections.  Otherwise I’m sure I would have been slowed down by tangles.  (After watching this video, Fastest Way to Relax, I am going to pre-part all four sections the way she did in that video the next time I relax.  It takes time to do, but with months of new growth to get through it’s a good way to ensure tangles don’t slow down the relaxer application process.)
 4. I mixed two tubs of the relaxer because I did not want to run out half way through.  I filled the activator up to the normal line for both tubs and mixed the activator in until both relaxer tubs were creamy and pink.  Then I applied the relaxer and smoothed my new growth in 15 minutes.  (For my next relaxer, I’m going to be sure to stay within the 16-19 minute range.  I didn’t think one minute would make a difference but days later,  I’m wishing I had let it sit for another minute or two.)
mixing the affirm fiberguard sensitive scalp relaxer
After Applying the Relaxer.

1. My Mid step Protein treatment was Aphogee Keratin 2 minute Reconstructor and I neutralized with Mizani Phormula-7 Chelating and Neutralizing Shampoo (I need to remember to repurchase my Elasta QP Stop Action Neutralizing Shampoo because not having that shampoo with color alarms makes me a little more nervous about neutralizing). mizani formula-7 chelating shampoo apogee 2 minute reconstructor relaxing hair

2. My deep conditioner was Nexus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner, which I left in for 30 minutes before rinsing it out.
nexus humectress ultimate conditioner ceramides
3. Before blow drying, I t-shirt dried my hair and applied GVP The Conditioner and Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer as my leave-in conditioners.
 conair blow dryer apogee keratin green tea spray the conditioner gvp***Blow Dried***
donair blow dryer relaxed hair4. After blow drying, I sprayed Proclaim Spray on Glosser and proceeded to flat iron.  The temperature was set to 370 degrees F.
gvp chi flat iron mbl relaxed hair 5. Once I was done flat ironing it was time to trim my ends.
6 month relaxer stretch results after picture
And that was it for relaxer day. In case you missed it, the Relaxer Day Results are here! 
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7 thoughts on “Relaxing Six Months of New Growth

  1. Wow your hair came out so thick. I noticed for your protective styles you did a lot of buns. Do you create the buns and take down at the end of the week or do you take down the buns every day moisturize then recreate the buns?

    Great blog

  2. Great post!!!! So detailed and helpful. Do you follow MrsDoingMe2011? She also stretches for 6 months at a time and her hair is a similar length as yours.

  3. Thanks, Ebony! I do follow her. I found her right after she had completed her year long stretch. Seeing her accomplish that gave me confidence about doing my six months.

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