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Relaxer Update (Oct 2015) | My First 6 Month Relaxer Stretch Complete.

Well ladies, here we are.  I’ve completed my first six month relaxer stretch attempt.  And not only did I get a lot of growth/retention, but I was able to maintain my April length after cutting inches off of my hair.  Immediately after the cut I have to admit that I was a little worried I might have cut off too much, but after letting it settle in and seeing my length checks I feel great about it.  My hair is still bra strap (almost MBL) length but my ends and the overall length of my hair are considerably thicker than it was back in April.  I am so happy with where my hair is now that I want to do whatever I need to do to preserve its current state.

This is what I cut:
Here is my hair after relaxing, blow drying and flat ironing my hair (before the trim/cut):
Even though the cut/trim took away my waist length hair, which I have been working towards for what feels like forever, I’m not phased by it all.  With the success of this relaxer stretch I’m already looking forward to my next six month relaxer stretch.  I will be incorporating all the things that I did with this last stretch.  And if all goes according to my plans, I will get just as much growth and retention without needing a trim with this next relaxer stretch.  …waist length, I’m coming for you!
In case you missed any of my weekly recaps on this relaxer stretch and/or my overview of what I strived for as I stretched my relaxer to six months, click here.  And for those of you who have been rocking with me since I teased you with a transition, thank you for keeping up with me.  I really appreciate it.  🙂
For this relaxer update, I collaborated with Dessy GT.  We both ended our long-term relaxer stretches this month.  She did a 20 week relaxer stretch and I did 24 week stretch.  Here is my video update:
Don’t forget to Check Out Dessy’s video: https://youtu.be/9jvOTqmKQnE
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21 thoughts on “Relaxer Update (Oct 2015) | My First 6 Month Relaxer Stretch Complete.

  1. Wow amazing thickness it was worth the wait. I am scrabbling to review your products because I have to try stretching more than 3 months. Did you have to use 2 of the affirm fiberguard tubs/containers for relaxing or just 1?

    Beautiful and thanks again for document all your steps. They have been so helpful.

  2. Wow!!! Your long-term stretch definitely paid off. Your hair is looking significantly thicker than the comparison pic for April. will be following your next stretch closely…

  3. Thank you, Cristen! Yes, I prepared two of the small tubs of the sensitive scalp (no-lye) relaxer because I was afraid I might run out during the application process. And sure enough I ended up using about two thirds of each container (note: I was heavy-handed with the application of the relaxer to my new growth because I didn't want to under process any spots).

  4. Thank you, Tomes! I plan to stretch for 6 months again. I'm not committing to forever, but its given me a great boost in my hair's progress. I'm hoping it will be just what I need to get me to my goal of waist length hair. We'll see though!

    Why are you nervous about your relaxer?

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