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My SL to MBL Relaxed Hair Regimen

My Relaxed MBL Hair Regimen fancyflairladyAs I start to rework my current hair regimen, I thought it would be best to document the hair regimen that got me to MBL for those who are still trying to find a regimen that works for them.  I went from Shoulder Length to Mid-back Length in 3 years.  And even though I’m in the middle of revamping the whole thing this regimen gave me consistent hair growth.  It also allowed me to maintain at Mid-back Length for over two years now.  It’s pretty modest as far as hair regimens go, but with consistency I saw consistent results.

First the Proof…

Before my Hair Journey
relaxed hair regimen


Shoulder Length (SL) – October 2009
relaxed hair regimen
Armpit Length (APL) – December 2010
relaxed hair regimen


Bra Strap Length (BSL) – December 2011
relaxed hair regimen


Mid-back Length (MBL) – December 2012
relaxed hair regimen


Grazing Mid-back Length (MBL) – November 2013
relaxed hair regimen


Mid-back Length (MBL) – January 2015
relaxed hair regimen


…More SL to MBL Progress Pictures (2009-2012): https://youtu.be/ZuIiJmZQU4k
Now My Relaxed Hair Regimen…

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8 thoughts on “My SL to MBL Relaxed Hair Regimen

  1. Thanks for sharing Kim! I really like how you have kept your ends so neat and your growth has been amazing! I hope you find a regimen that will take you to your next goal 🙂

  2. Your hair regimen video is very helpful and your growth is amazing. I am also following your 6 month stretch series I'll probably start a 4 month stretch then work my way up to six month. Great post and love your lipstick. What color and brand is it?

  3. Thank you, Megan! I'll be sure to continue documenting my stretch then. I'm currently pre-pooing with Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor and contemplating what to do next with this wash day. But I'll be sure to share all the details next weekend.

    I'm fairly certain that was NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Merlot.

    And good luck with your upcoming stretch!

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