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The Castor Oil Is Working on My Edges

There are just two weeks left in this 3 Month castor oil challenge.  I have been consistent with applying Jamaican Black Castor to my scalp twice a week and messaging it in afterwards.  Additionally, I’m adding 1-2 teaspoons of the castor oil to my weekly deep conditioning treatment.  By the time I was 8 weeks into the challenge I could see that my edges were growing back.  Below is a picture of my edges 8 weeks into the challenge.

8 Weeks into the Challenge:
With two weeks left, I’m excited to see how my edges look after I relax my hair.  Right now, I’m in a bit of a rough patch because my new growth is literally NEW growth and there are no longer relaxed ends attached to it.  So that new growth is not long enough to reach my ponytail holder and has been just hanging free while wearing my everyday buns.  Getting my edges to lay down has required some extra work — I’ve been using my ORS Smooth n Hold Pudding every day to keep it together.  But all of that is a minor inconvenience because My Edges Are Coming Back!! 
Thank you, Castor Oil Challenge!  

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10 thoughts on “The Castor Oil Is Working on My Edges

  1. Castor oil really helped when i had a patch due to my lack of patience. Your edges are bouncing back nicely.
    Will you continue to use it after the challenge is over?

  2. Your edges are making a great comeback. I have been mixing a little castor oil with conditioners during my pre-poos but scared to use it on my scalp for fear of having an itching scalp. My hair does shed a little but it makes my hair so soft.

    Have you experienced any itching scalp and shedding while using it?

  3. Thanks, Tomes. I am going to continue using it weekly on my scalp. I really want to see my edges thrive and I know this is just the beginning.

  4. Yes, Tanya. I have experienced both. I will talk about it more in my Castor Oil Challenge update, but you are right about the itchiness and the shedding. It is an annoying "side effect."

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