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Texturizers vs. Relaxers

This week, I watched TressedforSuccess’s recent youtube video where she clarifies some statements, ideas, and opinions that people are sharing about texturizers.  She breaks it down just the way I like–reading the ingredients list, decoding the components and interjects her personal experience.  If you’ve ever wanted to know how Texturizers compare to Relaxers, then this is the video for you.  It’s a must see!

Texturizers 101: TressedforSuccess
Have you ever tried a texturizer? What are your thoughts on the video?
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10 thoughts on “Texturizers vs. Relaxers

  1. Awesome video! I so agree with her about marketing ploys that is why I don't fall for them like the same face cream being marketed in two different tubs with different colours as a day and night cream smh! I worked for a company that had a beauty product manufacturing department for a very long time and had inside scoop on their marketing ploys. I have always wondered about texturizers versus relaxers though; I have always been of the opinion that you can't use one over the other that is if you want to switch from being relaxed to texturized you have to outgrow the relaxed hair first before doing so this video is making me think different about that…

  2. I love this video, I watched it the other day. I used to believe a while ago that texturizers were some how 'gentler' and never thought about actually checking the ingredients. Crazy how it's marketed! x

  3. Wow! She is good. Wonder what profession she has… she seems so professional. So relaxed infront of the camera,keeping Eye Contact with the camera all the time.
    I knew that about texterizer Before but I still enjoyed the video!

  4. Great video, now I know that by texturizing your natural hair, you're no longer natural.., thanks for sharing..

  5. Yeah, I think she did a great job of showing that the marketing distinctions that the company put forth to the public doesn't actually apply when it comes to how it works with our hair. It now makes me wonder what else is just the same product with different packaging/marketing. Thanks for commenting, LYDZ!

  6. This is a great video, years ago I told my cousin that those two products are one and the same but she did not listen and applied it to her 5 year old daughter's hair anyway. To this day she is still struggling with her child hair, smh.

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