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Likkle_Loc_Ladi Shares Her Hair Story!

This week I wanted to feature a ‘likkle’ lady with a gorgeous set of locs.  She switched her hair game up a few years ago and found what worked for her and her hair.  Not only are they growing fast, long and healthy, but she creates some really unique and cute styles with her locs.  (I certainly never knew locs could be so versatile.)  I’ve known this lady all her life, but I’ve been quietly following her hair journey this entire time and finally decided to ask her more about it.  She was gracious enough to share her hair story with me (and you guys).  So if you’re interested in finding out more, check her out!

  1. How long have you had locs? Well, my locs turned the BIG 5 in August. 
  2. What’s your current length? Hmmm, I don’t measure my hair, but if I have to guess, my hair is about 2 or 2 1/2″ longer than bra strap length. 
  3. What made you decide to loc your hair? Honestly, I woke up one morning in 2007 and decided I didn’t want perms anymore. I was tired of the damage and the burning of the scalp and all of the other issues that sometimes comes with processed hair, and I decided to “go natural.” I wore kinky twists that entire year. Once the year was over, my hair was very thick and long. I asked my mom to flat iron it and she broke the flat iron! Crazy I know, but true! She told me to go to the salon and come back with my hair done, lol.  So I came back with locs.  People think that because we are of Jamaican heritage, I decided to become a “rasta” but it was actually a spur of the moment decision. 
  4. What products do you use on your hair? I don’t use a lot of products, but the few that I do use are mostly Jamaican Mango and Lime products – locking gels, oils and styling lotions . I also use Straight Edge Weave Aide Palm Aide. It really keeps my edges in order. As far as shampoo and conditioner are concerned, I use Tresseme Naturals. Absolutely love it!! 
  5. What is your current hair regimen? You know, the only thing I really do consistently is wash my hair every 3 weeks, and spray it with water and oil in between. I try not to meddle with my hair too much. It like when I do less. 
    This is beyond Shoulder Length Hair that she somehow twisted into these cute twists.
  6. How often do you go to the salon? I have not gone to a hair salon since last year and before that, 2010.  And what do you get done? My last time at the salon, I went and had my locs dyed. I usually dyed it myself or went somewhere when the color I wanted wasn’t achieved. So last year, I went to a pricier salon and voila!! I do not go to the salon because I do my hair myself, but where color is concerned I think its best to seek a professional and be open to the idea of spending a little more for a better quality of color and treatment of your hair. Trust me, your hair will thank you! 
  7. When did you start coloring your hair? I see I jumped the gun! 🙂 Well, I started dying my hair in 2008. Very soon after I started locking I decided to experiment, and yes I do mean experiment, with dye, lol. On the bright side, dying your hair while it’s natural is the best state to experiment. Your hair is stronger in that state and able to withstand the strain of the chemicals and processing that comes along with dying. 
  8. Has it made an impact on your hair regimen? Not much. I just try to oil my hair more often, as dying tends to leave your hair very dry. And given I have locs, it’s important to keep it moisturized as they can easily appear very brittle and dingy. 
  9. Can you show us some of the  styles that you do on your hair? Sure 🙂 take a look at my IG page, Likkle_Loc_Ladi 
  10. Where do you get the inspiration for the styles that you do to your hair? Honestly, it depends on how I’m feeling. When I’m feeling fierce, my hair style is dramatic- an updo with sharp buns, pin ups, swoops. When I’m feeling fun, my hair is bubbly- probably curly or wavy, a random braid. When I’m happy my hair is whimsical and flirty – maybe curly and pinned to one side or deep waves. 
  11. Do you use any growth aids? Not currently. Or have you ever? Yes, during my “ugly phase”(the first 3-5 months of locking)  I used Dr. Miracle in hopes of accelerating the process. But patience really is the best growth aid. Your hair will grow. Just takes a bit of patience.

  12. Do you have any hair goals? You goal is to have my locs be waist length!! Can you imagine, 5’1″ with waist length locs!
  13. Where can we go to follow you? The best account to follow me on is InstaGram – @Likkle_Loc_Ladi … I may start a YouTube channel. I’ll be sure to keep you posted! 😉 


Thank you SO much for sharing your hair story and hair styles with us.  And like she said, if you want to see even more of her hair stylings check out her out on Instagram.
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