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How to Be A Successful ‘Serial Bunner’

Protective Styling has been a crucial component to my growth length retention rate.  And with the ease, cost effectiveness and low commitment of buns, they are a favorite for healthy hair journeyers, like myself.  Of course you can incorporate braids, wigs, weaves and other methods as a protectively style on your hair journey, but my personal favorite is the Bun.

Benefits of Wearing Buns
Protects Your Ends from external elements that can cause dryness and/or breakage, which maximizes retention.
Low Cost – The most you will need is a comb, brush, gel, and some hair ties.  And aside from the gel and hair ties, they’re all one time costs.
Quick – 5 to 10 minutes is all you need to style your buns.
Low manipulation – You can rock the same bun for more than one day with little to no manipulation.  I will loosen my buns for bed and then re-secure them the next morning.
Easy to moisturize – A common question: How do you moisturize your hair in roller set/when flat ironed/in Braid Outs/Twist Outs/Weaves, etc?  The great thing about bunning is that you’ve got easy access to your hair and adding moisture (or even water) won’t impact your hairstyle.

I certainly qualify as a serial bunner.  I wear a bun Monday through Friday and most weekends.  For me buns are the rule and any other style you see me with is the exception to that rule.  As great as buns are for your hair journey and length retention there are some things that you need to pay attention to when wearing buns.

Tips for Wearing Buns Regularly

  1. Watch your edges and nape area.  Buns put stress on your edges and nape because you are constantly combing, brushing and/or gelling down that portion of hair to create sleekness.  The constant pulling may open you up to breakage around your hair line.  To avoid this:
    • Avoid brushes and gels until you are deep into your stretch; They are the most effective at creating sleekness, but they are also the most abrasive.  I wait until I’m 8 weeks post to start brushing and gelling down my edges.  Before that I use a scarf to get my edges to lay down.
    • Opt for messy buns every once in a while.  They are easier on your edges.
    • Also, be sure to address your nape and edges when you are moisturizing and treating your hair.  They can benefit the most from your weekly/daily treatments.
  2. Breakage.  Not only do you have to watch your edges and nape area, but you need to be careful of the length of your hair.
    • It’s crucial that you move the location of your buns. You don’t want the hair ties strangling that same section of hair daily.
    • And speaking of hair ties, don’t use the ones with metal clamps on them (or rubberbands — unless you plan on cutting them off).  They will snag your hair and cause some breakage. Ouchless hair ties (and scrunchies) are a safe bet for securing your buns.
    • Pay attention to how to tuck your ends into the bun.  Make sure they aren’t being bent or crushed.  You want to keep those ends in tact for maximum retention.
  3. Avoid Monotony. Wearing a bun lends itself to some versatility — high/low, size, polished, messy, etc. …but it’s still just the same old same old day in and day out.  I promise, if you bun daily, you will get tired of your buns.
    • When I get bored with my buns, I stop bunning.  You’ll know I’m over my buns when you see my phases of roller sets, bantu knots, and flat ironed hair.  When you’re feeling bored just stop bunning for a bit.  There’s nothing like a few weeks of manipulation/hours of styling to motivate you back into the simplicity and ease bunning, lol.
For some added versatility check out my tutorial of how I do an upside down french braid into a high bun.
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20 thoughts on “How to Be A Successful ‘Serial Bunner’

  1. I love buns!! Last week in NC, I wore my hair down or in a loose ponytail with the ends exposed and boy did it show by the time I got back home! My ends were horrid!

    Buns have been essential to me retaining length and now that I have some length, I love how they look!

  2. Great post and very good timing! Here in Canada we will be having cold season very soon, and I plan on bunning and on wearing half wigs to avoid my hair touching my coat. I have noticed that even with ouchless hair elastics (haven't tried the ties unless we are talking about the same thing) there is still some hair on the elastic after I take the bun down. I'll check on some scrunchies this week.

  3. Yeah, we are talking about the same thing, lol. I also have some cotton ones that don't have an elastic rubber band inside them; they are made with that stretchy cotton material. Those are great. I wish I knew what they were actually called, but they are kind of like scrunchies but with out the rubber band inside and they're less bulky too. I need to re-up soon, so if I find them again, I'll be sure to share the name and packaging on here.

  4. Hey, I love bunning as a protective style along with wearing wigs my question is when wearing my hair in a bun what can I do to make my bun look fuller.

  5. Have you seen my "Volumize Your Buns" Post? I show the tool that I use to make my buns fuller. Actually the top picture from this post is from that earlier post. 😉

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