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Styling Short Hair Without Heat While Stretching Your Relaxers

Styling Short Hair without heatQ. Hi.  I have short hair (not yet at my neck).  I was wondering how I can stretch my relaxers without using heat?  I wrap my hair every night but my ends always end up straight & I have to flat iron a curl to it.

A. My go to answer would be to wear buns and ponytail however at neck length that’s not a viable answer.

There are two things that are great about having shorter hair that will help you as you stretch your relaxers without heat.  (1) Shorter hair is not as susceptible to manual breakage because it can withstand tension better than longer hair which means doing low manipulation and protective styles are not a ‘must do’ until you reach about shoulder length.  And (2) the time it takes to air dry is long but not as long as it would be with longer hair.  Based on those two awesome points, roller sets are a great option for your weekly wash days.
Roller sets stretch your new growth, they keep your hair detangled and your hair always looks presentable.  There are a range of styling tools that you can use to roll your hair.  Below are some videos to give you ear to shoulder length ladies some no heat styling inspiration.
Pin Curls on Wet Hair

Perm Rods

Hot Rollers/Steam Rollers

 Flexi Rods

Curl Formers 
(yes she’s natural but you’ll see that she was able to get her natural hair to look sleek when curled using the curlformers, which is a great option for when you get weeks into your relaxer stretch)

As for maintaining these styles throughout the week, try wearing a satin bonnet and/or pin curls to bed.
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4 thoughts on “Styling Short Hair Without Heat While Stretching Your Relaxers

  1. Plz I am on a low cut and its natural becos am black and based in Nigeria! Plz wat can I do to my hair or wat relaxer can I use to make it curly just like rough curls for low cut! Tnx! Need an urgent reply.tnx

  2. I don't have first hand experience working with curl patterns. So, I would suggest searching the internet for hair products that "make your curls pop" or that enhance "curl definition."

    Or you can look into texturizers (or even telaxing with a rexlaxer). However, getting consistent results with these chemicals can be difficult, so research it thoroughly before proceeding.

    I hope this helps and finds you in time.

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