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How To | Detangle

With 12 weeks of new growth and a 5 day old Bantu Knot Out to deal with, I thought this would be the perfect time to show you all how I detangle my hair.  Check out the steps outlined below and the supplemental video, too!

Step One

Grab a small section of hair.  I like to start at my nape and work my way up to the front.  How small of a section you decide to grab will be based off of how tangled your hair is.  On a typical wash day I’ll end up grabbing about four sections overall.  But for this wash day, I grabbed about maybe eight or ten sections.

Step Two

Spray that section lightly with water.

Step Three

  • With a Wide Tooth Comb start combing through your hair.
  • Start at the ends and then work your way up slowly.
  • If you hit a knot or an intense tangle, stop and use your fingers to pull as many strands of hair out of that knot as possible.
    • This typically removes the knot and helps to reveal the knotted up shed hair that is causing the drama.  Once you find that shed hair remove it and continue comb through that section until you can run your comb through the entire length of your hair–root to tip.

Step Four

Grab another small section and repeat steps two and three until you’ve detangled your entire head of hair.
You might have noticed that I did not use a fine or medium tooth comb at all.  I never do (unless I’m roller setting).  That’s just my personal motto.  I think it helps to minimize how much breakage I get. 

About This Wash Day 

It was also my ‘relaxer prep’ wash day.
Pre-Poo: Suave Sleek Conditioner
Shampoo: Mizani Phormula 7
Protein Treatment: Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus
DC: L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm
Leave-in: Generic Value Products The Conditioner
Serum: Chi Silk Infusions
Polisher: Proclaim Glosser
I flat ironed my hair and below are the results.

Relaxer Update blog post coming soon…
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16 thoughts on “How To | Detangle

  1. Absolutely great looking hair! I'm intrigued as to why you flat ironed your hair before your relaxer day. I'm in two minds about it – On one hand I tend to flat iron on my touch up day so I can do a length check and would not feel great about using heat two weeks in a row but on the other I think if into a long stretch with lots of growth it might be beneficial to flat iron the roots at least a bit to make it easier to part the hair come relaxer day and risk less tangling- but then I think would it then be harder to see where to stop applying the relaxer up the length of the hair?

    Sorry for the rambling comment, it just really piqued my interest and I wondered what your thoughts are.


  2. Hi Andrea! Your second thought is the exact reason why I do it. My new growth gets very tangled after 12 weeks. And I don't want to have to fight through my new growth when trying to apply my relaxer. So dealing with it a week (or two) before I relax helps to de-stress relaxer day for me.

    As for finding the line of demarcation. That's not a problem, my new growth doesn't stay pin straight for more than a couple days. After a few showers and some humidity it's very easy to tell where my new growth begins and ends. Flat ironing just stretches it out for me. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much Kim! It really does make a lot of sense. My last relaxer was sooo stressful because it was my longest stretch and my new growth was not best pleased with me! It had put me off stretching that long again but I think with this trick I could have a successful stretch!

    Hope your relaxer has been successful, can't wait to see the results!

  4. I feel the same as Andrea about using all that heat but I'm considering trying it since I have a better flat iron now.

  5. It works for me. And if you decide to give this a try I hope that it works for you as well. But you certainly should be weary because everyone's hair is different and "too much heat" is all relative. Good luck!

  6. Great job Kim!! I'm on a no-direct heat challenge until my relaxer in 7 weeks. Hope my progress will be as good as yours!! You grew right on back to MBL, it appears!!

    I look forward to seeing your relaxer results!! :))

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