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How To | Hot Oil Treatments

Why I like Hot Oil Treatments?

There are many benefits of doing a hot oil treatment on your hair prior to washing it.  Especially when you are careful to choose the oil you want to use for the process.  But the main reason that I like hot oil treatments is because they promote a properly moisturized scalp and hair.

How Often I do Hot Oil Treatments?

During the winter, I do a hot oil treatment with every wash (weekly).  My hair tends to be dryer during those colder months and I see the hot oil treatment as a preemptive strike against the dryness.  However my air dried hair is also more prone to dryness and I wonder if I apply that same logic then maybe I should continue with my hot oil treatments.  It may help to keep my hair well moisturized throughout the week.

Under that train of thought, I did a hot oil treatment with my last wash day.  But late in the week, I noticed that my scalp was a lot itchier than usual and the first thing that came to mind is maybe I shouldn’t be doing the hot oil treatments with this warmer weather.  Maybe weekly hot oil treatments might be too much for my scalp as these hot humid summer days start to roll around.  I want moisturized hair and scalp, but I don’t want itchy scalp.  So, my question to you is: Do you do Hot Oil Treatments in the Summer time and if so how often?

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As I await your thoughts on the issue, I’m going to skip the hot oil treatment with tonight’s wash day and aim to add a moisturizing/sealing session (or two) to my weekly routine to see if that helps to keep my hair moisturized.  I typically avoid daily moisturizing and sealing because my fine hair gets weighed down with hair product by the end of the week, but I’ll see how it goes this time around.

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4 thoughts on “How To | Hot Oil Treatments

  1. I'm washing my hair tonight and think I might do a hot oil treatment. I usually only do it once a month as I forget to do it weekly and I don't usually change how often I do it during the summer/winter. I probably should do it less during the warmer months though! Great post 🙂

  2. Some people like them and some don't. It keeps the dryness at bay for me. It's akin to a pre-poo, but it also helps with scalp healthy. Plus the messaging that goes on is good for blood circulation (read: hair growth). And depending on what oil you use, you'll see different benefits from it. If you try it, I hope you like it…. If not, I'm sure you'll be fine. 🙂

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