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Combat Shedding: Tea Rinses

These past couple of weeks I’ve been experiencing more shedding than is typical and it’s about time I did something about it.  Last year when I had a shedding attack, I added garlic powder to the oils in my hot oil treatment, which did in fact stop the shedding in it’s track.   But it stank something horrible.  Plus all the recent hair blogger talk about hair shedding has been about tea rinsestea rinses and more tea rinses.  This week I decided to do my first tea rinse to see if that slows up the shedding I’ve been experiencing. 

(I posted a poll last week to get an idea of where others stand on the shedding issue and it seems that a lot of you experience more shedding during this time of the year.  So maybe this will help some of you too!)  

I decided to use Green Tea after my shampoo and protein treatment.  I boiled the water and let the green tea steep for 30 minutes.  
Then let it cool down to a luke warm temperature, poured it into my spray bottle and sprayed my scalp (and on the length of my towel dried hair).
I sprayed the entire amount (1 cup) on my hair while holding my head over the sink (I didn’t want the tea to drip on my towel).  I let it sit for a few minutes, then rinsed it out and quickly towel dried…
I detangled with my shower comb (shedding was not too bad — it looks promising) and then applied my deep conditioner.  I’m deep conditioning right now as I write this post.  And as far as I can tell now, the shedding wasn’t bad post tea rinse.  Hopefully I’ll get to experience some of the other benefits I’ve seen reported with the use of green tea rinses (stimulates hair growth, soothes itchy scalp/dandruff, conditions/strengthens hair).  
I’m not sure how often I’m going to do tea rinses but I’m definitely keeping this in my back pocket for future use.
Do you ladies do tea rinses? How often do you do them? Have they help with shedding? Did you find that there were other added benefits?
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13 thoughts on “Combat Shedding: Tea Rinses

  1. I do tea rinses with each wash! It really helps with my shedding. I didn't think so in the beginning but when I skipped a week I definitely could tell the difference.

  2. I actually bought a tea pomade and spray from It's Perfectly Natural. They containboth green and black tea so hopefully they will help with this postpartum shedding. It's a beast I tell ya! I would recommend leaving the tea in and putting your DC over the tea. I think Jeni does hers that way.

  3. I'm going to have to look into that pomade and spray. It sounds a bit more low maintenance than the brewing tea. But I will try DCing over the tea in the meantime. Thanks for the tip and good luck with your postpartum shedding.

  4. Just discovered your blog and I LOVE it! So much information on here, great job! I never skip a tea-rinse during my washdays and it has helped my shedding a lot! When I first started my HHJ, my hair would shed like no other during wash days, but as soon as I got some tea in there, I saw the difference! I agree with LaToya above, try DCing with the tea still in your hair. I'll recommend a moisturizing DC though, a protein DC might make your hair even more stiffer in combination with the tea.

    Great Blog again! 🙂 xx

  5. Thanks so much! I haven't done a tea rinse in a while. I might have to get back on it. And I'll try leaving it in with my DC too.

  6. Hi Kim! I just discovered you blod today and I've literally been here the whole day today!(had a day off)… I'm only just figuring out what works for me with my regimen and everything. I'm at NL but right now I really just want my hair to be healthy before i focus on length. I have issues retaining length on mid-back area just above the nape area and the nape area itself. I don?t know if it's because i sleep with my hair in a bun or what. Do you have any suggestions to help me tackle (pamper) my trouble area?
    I recently switched from tea to coffee rinses, my hair feels better after the coffee rinse compared to the tea rinse and the results speak for itself as well!
    I'll be on here browsing around and collecting as much information as i can. You're not my hair twin but you're my inspiration.

    XO from South Africa

  7. Hey V. Alves!

    My nape area is also prone to breakage and I try take extra care to it (and when I forget, it breaks off completely). I am gentler with this area, I add more (moisturizing) product to this area, and I avoid using heat on that section. Also, when I relax my hair I coat the entire area (new growth too) with grease to minimize how processed this section gets. You certainly don't have to all (or any) of this, but this is what I do…just to give you an idea. It doesn't stop that area from breaking, but it has helped my nape to grow/retain some length. For you, I would suggest that you continue to take extra care of it as you work with your hair.

    Thanks so much for commenting and reading my blog! Happy Hair Growing!

  8. with almost all wash days I do a tea rinse, and I leave the tea in my hair to apply my conditioner (moisturizing though), the result is amazeballs, reduced shedding all the way.

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