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The Search & Destroy Method

I recently encountered a split end while looking at my ends and like a bag of chips, I couldn’t stop at just one.  I immediately brought out the shears and went on a search & destroy mission, seeking out every split end I could find.  Luckily I didn’t have too many split ends to remove, no doubt because I haven’t used any direct heat since my last trim in December.

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What is it?
It’s a method for trimming your hair.  It specifically seeks out split ends and cutting them as you see them.

How to do it?
Section the hair into smaller more manageable sections and check the ends for splits while looking up at a light.  With every split end (looks like a ‘Y‘), cut it with sharp hair cutting shears (cutting right above the split making the ‘Y‘ into an ‘I‘).

Why bother?
You want to nip a split end in the butt as soon as you see it, otherwise it will continue to split its way all the way up the hair shaft.

Who should use it?
This method is especially useful for people who use heat styling tools because the high heat weakens the ends causing more splits.  But really anyone can benefit from this method, if you see a split end, get rid of it.

As needed.  Some people do it on a regular schedule, but I tend to do it when ever I happen upon a split ends.

Removing split ends is an essential part of any healthy hair care regimen.  So however you decide to remove the split ends is up to you, but this is a nice and easy method that I would recommend for getting the job done without losing overall length.
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