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Relaxer Update #2 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good: I was 12 weeks post relaxer when I relaxed my hair this weekend — successful stretch.  I used a mix of Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructer (Protein) and Nexxus Humectress(Ceramides) as my midstep protein during my relaxer session because Ulta stopped selling Redken Extreme Deep Fuel (Protein & Ceramides) and I couldn’t find it anywhere else.  Despite the last minute change up the relaxer went smoothly.  And I finished it up with a rollerset.

The Bad: The following day I decided to go for a run and it started raining halfway through my run.  By the time I got back I was drenched and my hair was soaking wet.  A days worth of work on my hair washed away by the rain….  🙁  Instead of applying heat for the second day in a row, I let my hair airdry.

The Ugly: As it was airdrying I realized that the front/side edges of my hair were relaxed bone straight.  I freaked out for a couple minutes because I was scared that I might have over processed it.  I’m still not quite sure but for now, my hair is not falling out; it’s just bone-straight.  Thinking back on what I did during my relaxer, I know for sure that my edges and nape only got about 5 minutes of processing time.  All I can think is maybe I didn’t separate out enough of my edges for less processing time — I’m not sure.  But once I realized what had been done, I immediately sprayed the edges with Aphogee Kerating & Green Tea Restructurizer to give it some extra strength.  I will continue to watch this area and I hope that this is the worst of it.

Here is my best attempt at a length check.  My hair was airdrying after getting wet in the rain:

I was looking goofy.
Here are my bone straight edges:
Any Suggestions for me?
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2 thoughts on “Relaxer Update #2 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  1. Im sorry i dont have any suggestions but i do have a question. So because your edges came out bone straight does that mean that your edges can maybe fall out due to it being bone straight? Because last year the same thing happened to me and i wasn't sure what went wrong, but i'm still going my edges back 🙁 no ponytails then no ponytails now :/

  2. Hey MsReneeSparxxx,
    Two things come to mind when I start to think about my bone straight edges: (1) the relaxer broke the strands down to all the way straight this area is going to be weaker than the other areas of my hair that aren't straight. So I fear breakage. (2) then as I stretch my relaxers the textures will be so different that I fear breakage at the line of demarcation.

    Both of them make me super nervous but I'm hoping that I can get past this with protein treatments and moisturizing.

    As far as my thin edges, I blame it on how I tie my hair at night. I've been switching it up more at night. Hopefully that and some black castor oil will do the trick.

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