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How to: Trim Your Own Hair (deep U shape)

Last December, I decided to trim my hair up and start out 2011 with fresh ends.  Check out these raggedy ends:

I used the “Feye’s Self Trim Method*.”  Below are the steps to create a U-shape.  How to Trim Your Own Hair in a Deep U-Shape.

How to Trim in a Deep U-shape.

  1. First, make a part down the middle of your hair and create two low pigtails (make sure the hair is tangle-free) while looking at the floor (yes, look at the floor).
  2. Continue looking at the floor and pull both hair ties down the length of your hair (making sure that they are even with each other).
  3. When you get close the ends, hold the hair between your fingers and cut the ends with a sharp scissor (preferably hair shears: I got mine for $7 at Ulta).  Do both pigtails.  Here is what it looks like after this first step:
  4. Continue to look at the floor: comb all your hair together towards the back creating a low ponytail.
  5. Pull the hair tie down towards the ends again.
  6. Grab the hair and bring it around so you can see it (be careful to hold the hair and hair tie in place).
  7. Then clip the very ends of the hair, this second cut will eliminate that sharp V, see below:
  8. Create the two low pig tails again and clip the longer one to make sure that the right and left sides are even.  The end results:

Update: New picture tutorial

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  1. Tried this and got rid of my dry uneven long layers..thank you sooooo much for this… super happy 😀

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