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My Healthy Hair Journey

August 2006: I got a hair cut.
After three years and regular appointments with a stylist, I realized that my hair was still the same length, despite my attempts to grow it out (2008 and 2009).

August 2009, I decided to stop going to a hair salon and take care of my hair on my own. By February 2010, it was touching my shoulders again…Yay!
December 2010, I trimmed my hair because my ends were uneven.  At this point my hair was armpit length:

January 2011: I made a commitment to hide my hair for 6 months and so this has been my go to style:

Now, I’m looking forward to my big reveal in July

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  1. Hey Rocky! Thanks for checking out my blog. I'll post the length check on June 30th. 🙂

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