My Hair Journey

When did you start your hair journey?
July/August 2009

What was your starting length?
Neck/Shoulder Length

What products would you recommend?
Here’s a post on products that I’ve used in the past that I wouldn’t mind using again in the future.

What is your hair regimen?
I wash, deep condition and add a leave in treatment every week.  Occasionally I do protein treatments. And I relax my hair every 11-15 weeks.  I protectively style my hair with buns on most days and I moisturize my hair as needed (1-2x/week).  And when I’ve got some extra time I’ll do a hot oil treatment.

How much heat do you apply to your hair?
I don’t have a set schedule for using (or not using) heat, but I try not to flat iron/blow dry my hair more than once in a 4 week period.  But I will use a hooded dryer to dry my hair as often as every week if I’m roller setting my hair. 

What is your goal length?
I’d like to sit somewhere comfortably between waist and hip length (WHIP Length). 

How often do you trim your hair? 

I do a major trim at least once a year and I dust my ends for splits at least once a month using the Search & Destroy Method.

Make Up/Skin Care Routine
What products are essential to your every day skin care routine?
A Cleanser, Moisturizer, and Sunscreen.

What products are essentials to your make up routine?
Check out Make Up Starter Kit for details on the products that are essential for a perfect every day or night face of make up. 


I have a blog that I want you check out? or I’ve tagged you for … award?
I love checking out your blogs and I appreciate the Tags (very much), but if you want me to look at your blog or a specific post, then send me a link by (1) commenting on this page, (2) email me, or (3) tweet me.  But please don’t add it to the comment sections of my blog posts, unless it relates directly to the post.  I prefer to leave that area for discussions that actually relate to the post.  Thanks for understanding!

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