Relaxer Updates

Relaxer Update | February 2017

I ended my relaxer stretch at 22 weeks and you already know that I cut my hair.  For this update, I really just want to share my plans for my hair as I continue with these long term stretches.  It feels sort of like a new beginning for me and so I want to take my hair journey back to basics.  I’m at a place where my hair feels good again and

Relaxer Day | September 2016

I literally lost track of this relaxer stretch.  I’m not sure how it happened, but I had no idea whether I had relaxed my hair in March or April. :/  That’s why every time I updated you guys there was a four week swing, lol.  Thankfully after looking back at my social media posts last week, I figured out that I was close to the end of my 24 week stretch. This Relaxer

Relaxing my hair with a new relaxer for the first time.

I know you’re giving me the side eye right now for having yet another relaxer day post for you guys.  I mean, what do I think this is…a RHOA reunion? lol.  But please don’t throw tomatoes at me, lol.  A lot happened with my last relaxer and it was way too much to consolidate into one video or post.  I figured in smaller segments you can read/watch the parts that

Switching to a Lye Relaxer | My Initial Thoughts

I switched to a lye relaxer like I said I would.  And you know what, I’m feeling really good about it.  I’ve been using a no-lye relaxer since my first attempt at self-relaxing and I never looked back.  And a no-lye relaxer was a safe bet for the self-relaxing newbie that I was, who wasn’t trying to burn her hair (and scalp) off trying something new.  For years I was happy with my choice.

Relaxing Six Months of New Growth

I’ve shared the results of my six month stretch, but this is how the relaxer day actually went down.  I was trying to add my snapchat story for you guys to watch at the end of this post, but it wasn’t really working out the way I wanted.  Instead, I included screen shots of the whole process.1. Relaxer day started with me gathering everything I needed to get me through

Relaxer Update | April 2015

Last week I thought I was 11 weeks post relaxer when I relaxed my hair, but when I looked back at the calendar I realized I was way off.  I actually relaxed my hair at 14 weeks post relaxer, which partially explains why my new growth was so out of control.  I was so focused on the Castor Oil Challenge that I got my relaxer stretch count messed up.  Below