Holiday Fun with More to Come!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and had a Merry Christmas.  I certainly am.  I went to Long Island to visit my family & friends and had a great time as always.  Unfortunately didn’t get to see everyone that I intended to visit but that always seems to happen — just not enough time in a day it seems.   We packed up our things Friday night and

Hot Wings and Lobster Bisque...

Instead of just sharing the pictures from my latest dinnertime endeavors, I figured I should share the recipes with you guys as well.  Since I did that one TAG, Buffalo wings have been  However I’m working on losing those 6 lbs by the end of the year and all that butter probably isn’t the best idea, so instead I found these “Healthier Hot Wings” on SparkRecipes.   While at the

Cooking Chronicles

Happy Thanksgiving!!   Today seems like the appropriate day to share my latest and greatest dinner time dishes.  Lately, I’ve been trying to seek out healthy yet delicious dinner time options to get me to my ideal weight.  Check out my dishes below: Roasted Chicken and Italian Marinated Vegetables (Left) and Barbecue Chicken with Steamed Broccoli (Right) Curry Chicken with a side of Rice & Peas. Herb Marinated London Broil

Bruno Mars weighs 146 lbs...

…and so do I!  Granted, he’s a 5’5″ and a MAN, lol.  But that makes no difference to me.  He’s tiny and he’s hollywood. 🙂 Yes, in my last Bangin’ Swangin’ Challenge update I weighed about the same, but I’m still hype about it.  Since being on this weight loss journey the 140s have alluded me.  I would always get close and then either get stuck at 150 lbs and/or

Relaxed and Refreshed...

First, thanks to all the people who’ve followed me in the last few weeks.  I appreciate you all supporting and checking back on my blog.  I’ve been MIA for the past few days, but now I’m back!  I went on vacation with my husband and we celebrated my birthday while I was out there.  I had the best time, but I’m glad to be back as well.  I’ve got a

Ya Girl Was Weave Checked!

You all know that I typically wear my hair in a bun or ponytail because I’m protectively styling my way to waist length.  But since we were all gathered for a special occasion (my sister-in-law’s wedding), I flat ironed and curled my hair for the Big Day.  Well apparently there was some discussion on the sidelines about whether I was telling the truth about my hair being my own.  Because the

Bangin' Swangin' Update (Weeks 16-20)

Based on my last Bangin’ Swangin’ Update, you all know that I joined weight watchers.  And I have to admit, it has made a world of difference in my weightloss.  What you need to know: (1) I write down everything — the sugar in my coffee, the ketchup on my fries, the vodka in my peach juice, everraythang; (2) I have complied with the daily/weekly points allowances that I have