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What's In My Beach Bag?

Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend.  Did you enjoy the first unofficial weekend of summer?  We didn’t do much of anything thanks to tons of rain, but I’m looking forward to a re-do.  I’m preparing for a beach trip and as I pack things for our days at the beach, I decided I’d share what I carry in my beach bag. It’s a little heavier now that I have a little one, but

There's Always Room For Improvement

My favorite thing about the new year is the possibilities it holds for what can be achieved.  It’s an opportunity for a fresh start that just happens to coincide with a new calendar year.  I know it’s super cliche (some might even say lame), but every year I make a new year’s resolution that is at least tangentially related to losing weight and this year is no different.  I restate

2015: What I'm Looking Forward To...

My Blog! One thing’s for certain, I’m looking forward to blogging and vlogging on a more regular basis.  I’ve had to juggle a bit more these days, but I want to push myself to not let things I enjoy fall by the wayside just because there is more on my plate.  I miss blogging and vlogging, so I’m am looking forward to what’s to come for 2015.  Waist/Hip Length Hair. 


I spent last weekend out of town…can you guess the U.S. city? You know, I had to show you some food. lol.       Any Guesses?

Exploring the West, like Lewis & Clark

…except we didn’t venture past the state line. 😛 This past weekend Justin and I headed to the west side of North Carolina to explore the mountains and visit downtown Asheville.  I’m not a big city girl, but I’m definitely not a deep in the woods with no lights but the moonlit sky kind of girl either, lol.  Despite that I decided to face my fears and make the trek

Hot Chili on a Cold Night

Saturday was very cold, wet and snowy down here in North Carolina.  When it’s that yucky outside, I like to cook something warm and comforting for the evening.  I usually make this chili recipe with ground beef, but I decided to use ground turkey this time around to see if it tasted just as good.  And it was… Ingredients 1 1/2 to 2 lb ground meat (beef or turkey) 1

Not Chef Boyardee...Better!

I’m my most creative in the kitchen when it comes to Sunday dinners.  Sometimes it’s an utter disaster, sometimes it’s just ok but other times it’s really really good.   For this post I wanted to share the latter with you.  It’s a bit over the top for those of you working on your diet/fitness resolutions with the cheese ravioli covered in creamy alfredo cheese sauce.  But if you feel