Stretching Relaxers

Slip??? What is Slip?

With the increased length of my relaxer stretches a few things have increased in importance to me and one of them has been slip.  I always heard people get excited about a product (particularly deep conditioners) when they had slip.  But as a relaxed head I didn’t get what all the fuss was about.  However, after having several long detangling…

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Healthy Hair Care, Relaxed Hair Care, Videos

YouTube Channels Featuring Relaxed Hair Care in 2015 (Texlaxed too)

Let me start with…I love all healthy hair.  But today, I’ve got a list of Youtube Channels featuring all the Relaxed Hair ladies that I follow because sometimes it’s hard to find a YouTube channel that actively (and currently) posts content geared towards their relaxed hair journey.  Back in 2013 I did a video shouting out the relaxed hair channels…

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