Reader Questions

Why Do You Use Multiple Leave-Ins?

Some things I have down to a science and others I just mimic what I see.  Using multiple leave-ins is more about the latter (with a little bit of trial and error).  The first situation where I started experimenting with using multiple leave-in was with flat ironing. Flat Ironing. If I was going to be a DIYer, I had to improve my flat ironing skills otherwise I knew I’d remain

Reader Question: Wet Wrapping

I got this question in my tumblr ask box and I wanted to know what you all thought about wet wrapping.  I’ve never tried to use it as a styling method, but I’ve seen it done at the hair salon before.  It seems like it’d be a good way to air dry or at least a quick and easy option for straighter hair with indirect heat from a hooded dryer.

Why do you flat iron the week before you relax?

December 2012 Relaxer Prep Wash Day For the girl on a hair journey, who stretches her relaxers there is no finer day than relaxer day.  First, you finally get to say good-bye to the new growth that has been the thorn in your side for the last few weeks of your stretch. And secondly, you get to see (read: show off) all of the progress that you’ve made from your

Why (NO) Heat?

If you are on a hair journey, especially if you document it on some form of social media/internet forum, you probably are very familiar with the inquisitive looks/comments about why you do what you do to your hair.  For me I often get comments along the lines of, “nice hair, but you do a lot… ”  Based on that, I decided to do a mini series addressing why I do

Reader Question: Can Relaxed Hair Grow While Using Heat?

I got this question last week on my tumblr page and decided to share my thoughts on the topic here.  Below is my response/personal feelings on the topic.  For the other relaxed head out there, what are your thoughts based on your personal experience?  Does the same hold true for you?  How much heat are able to apply to your hair and still see growth/retention? My Response: There is a