Roller Setting

Trying Something New | French Bouffant Rollers

I bought these french bouffant rollers a while ago, like before my relaxer six months ago. And can you believe I completely forgot I had them?  Can you say product junkie?  They were the whole reason that I came up with the idea to do a product haul back in July and I forgot to even include them in there, lol.  But I rediscovered them in my hair care storage bin when I

Straight Hair from 3 inch Magnetic Rollers

I have been all about this flat twisted protective style lately, which has been such an easy way to get through wash day in less than an hour.  I’ve been DCing or cowashing twice a week and retwisting my damp hair (Products I’ve been using: As I Am Coconut Cowash, Chi Infra Treatment, Biolage Detangling Solution or KeraMinerals Smoothing Conditioner).   But I know I can’t go on for too long without

flexi rod set fancyflairlady.

Last week I mentioned having a few low manipulation styles in your back pocket to get you through a long relaxer stretch.  And this one was an instant fave from the first time I tried it.  Flexi rods sets are quick, easy and a cute hair styling option.  Last weekend, I styled my hair with flexi rods after deep conditioning my ends with Chi Infra Treatment and co washing with As

Over My Relaxer Stretch | Roller Setting to Get Me Through

I have been over this stretch for the past few weeks.  The tangles, the longer wash days — the wash days in general, ugh, I’m so close to throwing in the towel.  But with three weeks left, I just need to calm my nerves.  To help me get through this week I decided to do a roller set.  I’m hoping that having some semblance of straighter hair will get me out of

Wash Day | Roller Set, Flat Iron, Curl.

I was so close to picking up CHI Infra Treatment on Thursday night.  I was browsing the beauty section at TJ Maxx when I saw that they had the liter size on clearance for $10!  I felt this instant compulsion to purchase it because of the massive savings that were available to me even though I’d never really heard much about this product.  After going back and forth with myself