Protective Styling

My Experience With Box Braids

I’m taking my box braids out next week! And as I make plans for my real hair, I can’t help but reflect on my experience with box braids as a long term protective style.  When I take them out, they will have been in for 6 weeks! And that is definitely the longest protective style I’ve done since starting my hair journey.  I’m looking forward to working with my hair again, but first let

Box Braids: I Did Them Myself!

I’ve always talked about long term protective styles, but I haven’t actually done one since starting my hair journey.  A major element to my personal journey is that I do my hair myself.  Taking control of my hair, learning to be self sufficient, and doing things on my own terms is what makes this exciting for me.  But being d.i.y. has also been why I haven’t done these long term protective

I Switched My (Protective) Style Up

One thing about me and my hair journey is that I am pretty consistent with what I do.  And one of my main constants is protective styling with a bun.  Before this summer, I was sure that I would be a bun wearer for life.  But things changed abruptly after experimenting with a new protective style.  I’m not even sure what prompted me to try this flat twisted halo hairstyle, but

Hair Diary | My First Wig

I’ve been going back and forth in my mind for years (literally) about the idea of using a wig to protectively style.  But because of the high price tags that come with the ones that look natural, I’ve only browsed a few internet sites and imagined if I could be bold enough to rock a wig as a protective style.  Of course as novice to the wig game, I wanted

Protective Styling Pictorials, For The Win

Protective Styling is pretty much in everyone’s top 3 things that helps you to retain length.  And while we all are familiar with the standard: braids, weaves, wigs and buns.  If you are anything like me that’s about as far as your mind goes when it comes to choosing a protective style.  Well, I came across this post on Tumblr and decided to share these incredibly beautiful (and creative) protective

How To | Create a Smooth Ponytail When Deep Into A Stretch

I stretch my relaxers for 12 plus weeks at a time.  And while I do not know my hair type, I do know that my new growth is very tightly coiled, which makes getting an inch of new growth to look smooth a daunting task.  I could wear my hair in roller sets to camouflage it or flat iron my roots to tame it, but I prefer to wear buns

How to Be A Successful 'Serial Bunner'

Protective Styling has been a crucial component to my growth length retention rate.  And with the ease, cost effectiveness and low commitment of buns, they are a favorite for healthy hair journeyers, like myself.  Of course you can incorporate braids, wigs, weaves and other methods as a protectively style on your hair journey, but my personal favorite is the Bun. Benefits of Wearing Buns Protects Your Ends from external elements that