Healthy Hair Care, My Relaxed Hair, Roller Setting, Silk Wrap

Rollersetting Challenge – Update #1 – The Silk Wrap

Last night was an impromptu wash day, I washed my hair with Nexxus Therrape; DCed with Nexxus Humectress for about 30 minutes (I did the 30 day shred workout in the downtime. yay me! :)); Rinsed it out; Used Roux Fermodyl 619 Extra Strength; and sprayed my hair with Aphogee Green Tea Reconstructor. Tips that I kept in mind when setting my…

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Healthy Hair Care, Low Manipulation Styles


Those are perm rods on my ends Every time I attempt a twist out, I start out with the best of intentions.  I’m going to take my time, do each twist carefully, make equal sized twists, etc.  However, when my arms start aching and my fingers start cramping my mind set quickly changes, I forget about my initial goals and…

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Healthy Hair Care, Protective Styling

Protective Styling: Why I do it.

Protective Styling prevents breakage and improves your hair’s retention rate.  Some times you’ll feel like your hair isn’t growing or it’s taking forever!  But the reality is our hair is always growing; it’s the breakage and split ends that are getting the best of us.  Protective Styling is essentially hiding your hair (more specifically ends) from the elements, i.e. dry…

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