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How To: Set Your Rollers

how to set your hair on magnetic rollers at home

When I made my healthy hair journey video, I thought I was in over my head.  But when I decided to record and edit an actual video to complement my How to: Rollerset blog post, I was really a fish out of water.  Not so much on the recording of the video but the uploading/editing process is incredibly time consuming and…

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Playing Mixologist: Hot Oil Treatments

For a typical wash day routine, I use the products as is, but there was a point in my healthy hair journey where I would experiment with different combinations of products.  It is certainly easier to just use the products straight out of the bottle, but sometimes I miss playing mad scientist and trying out new combinations.  It was such…

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Will Honey Lighten My Hair Color?

Welp, I don’t know yet but I’m about to test out this theory.   I’ve seen people talk about how honey is a natural way to lighten your hair color if your hair is brunette/black.  And I’m looking to mix things up this summer without damaging the quality of my hair.  I’ll test this out by pre-pooing* with honey every…

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The Search & Destroy Method

I recently encountered a split end while looking at my ends and like a bag of chips, I couldn’t stop at just one.  I immediately brought out the shears and went on a search & destroy mission, seeking out every split end I could find.  Luckily I didn’t have too many split ends to remove, no doubt because I haven’t…

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Brows That Wow (How to: Shape your Eyebrows)

I use the process below for shaping up my eyebrows for (and in between) waxes.  It’s helped me to define my natural eyebrow pattern and avoid artificial/over-plucked eyebrows.  Finding the perfect brow shape for your face can be broken into these four easy steps: photos: Justin Coit. edited by Kim

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Me and My Makeup Brushes

Buying make up brushes can be expensive.  For a long time I’ve had a few “higher end” brushes, but I bought them in my younger days when parting with money was a lot easier.  Now that I’m more frugal most of the brushes in my collection are Sigma Beauty Brushes.  They were a great option for me when I was just starting…

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