Skin Care

January Favorites | Hair & Acne Care Edition

It’s the end of the month and the perfect time to run down some of my January favorites.  Some of these favorites won’t surprise you, but some of them are new products.  It’s mostly hair care products (of course) but the last item is a skin care product that literally turned my skin around.  I went from out of control hormonal/pregnancy related breakouts to being almost back to normal.  After 5

5 Smart Strategies for Improving Your Skin Care

You may or may not have realized, but I am almost as obsessed and regimented about my improving skin care as I am with my hair care.  It all started with acne scars in my mid 20s aka hyperpigmentation.  Since then I’ve been very deliberate about the things I use in my skin care routine.  And turning 30 did nothing but make me more interested in how I can improve my skin.

The L.O.C. Method for Skin Care?

Has anyone tried the LOC Method as a part of their skin care routine? I know under normal circumstances this is a bit much, but I’m currently six month pregnant and my stomach is getting noticeably bigger now.  All of that skin stretching going on (in such a short period of time) has me worried about stretch marks.  Plus, I’m prone to stretch marks; I’ve had them on my lower

My Skin Care Must-Have -- Sunblock.

Lately people have been asking me a lot about my skincare routine.  And I’m a little taken aback by it because I feel like my skin is no different from most other people.  I still get pimples (and I have the dark spots to prove it! lol.)  But if you remember one of my earlier posts I explain my skin type and what I do generally on a week to week

New Buys: Clean Pores, No Dark Spots & Ceramides!

I get so excited when I find new things to try out especially when it fits into the confines of what I want/expect when it comes to certain beauty products.  These three new additions have me giddy and I really hope that they don’t let me down.  They are all drug store brands and really affordable, so I’d love for them to become staples.  Check out my initial thoughts and

Beauty Buys.

My current mascara is starting to dry up and clump, which meant it was time to find something new.  I’ve been on what seems like a never-ending search for a drugstore dupe to my all time favorite mascara: DiorShow’s Blackout.  I just got through with L’Oreal’s Telescopic Mascara and while it’s lengthening capabilities are comparable to Diorshow, it doesn’t do any volumizing.  Earlier this week, I stopped by my local