On a Journey…

Hair care and my hair journey are still a priority in my life. But now there are so many other priorities that I am juggling as well. Yes, I have plans for testing deep conditioners, clay masks and more ayurveda, but I also have plans for preparing dinner; planning family outings; making sure that my kids are well rounded and educationally exceptional (whatever that means for them); and preparing for baby number 3. With all of those things on my plates (along with many others), it’s been hard to add time for preparing new hair content for you all (Hence all the wash day posts and hair journey overview posts).

I’ve only really have time to share with you what I am doing, which is not as helpful to you all (or interesting for me). A part of me says that it may be time to let go of this blog because I don’t have the time to devote to it on the hair care front. But a bigger part of me feels too attached to this blog to let it go. I mean, I miss talking to you guys, but I’ve also been bored with my wash day recaps.

The compromise that I’ve come up with is to write about more topics that go into the other aspects of my life that are just as important to me as my hair journey. That way I won’t lose this platform and I will have more content at my disposal to write more often. I’ll still be documenting my hair journey, but I’ll also be writing about other journeys as well. My next post or two will be hair focused, because they’ve been sitting in my drafts for too long. But just know that there will be some other things mixed in.

My hope is that this brings me back to fancyflairlady and keeps me motivated. And I hope that you’ll join me on these other journeys as well.

family outing Duke Gardens
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