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Don’t ask me why, but I’ve been procrastinating on my hair updates lately.  I’ll come up with every other thing that needs to be done before I get around to posting here or on IG.  But I definitely want to keep track of this hair journey.  So here I am, late on a Friday night getting myself together and getting the post out.

I had been avoiding full out finger coils for some time now, but I started to realize that my “half-way finger coil” technique had my hair looking less desirable.  Instead of putting my bad looks on blast with pictures, let me try to describe this to you guys.  It to looked like gathered coils at the ends and then a thick helmet of afro hair at the root.  It was similar to how new growth looks when we stretch our relaxers — definitely not a look.  So after a long break from finger coils, I brought them back for this wash day in November.  And I did a few things to make sure that they didn’t end up looking crazy like my last attempt.

Wash Day

I used As I Am Coconut CowashGVP Conditioning Balm to deep condition, and The Mane Choice Shea Butter as my leave-in conditioner (side note: I need a larger container for my homemade whipped shea butter because we go through my little batches so quickly). I left my hair in its afro and went to bed (see it here).

The Next Day

Starting from the nape section at the back, I saturated my hair with water using a spray bottle.  Then coated the hair with Curl Defining Cream.  I used the Eden Body Works brand this time, which worked like a charm.  I grabbed a tiny section, smoothed it with my fingers and the curl defining cream.  When it felt smooth and frizz-free, I began coiling the hair around my finger.  I did that until I completed that nape section.  And I completed my whole head, working on small sections, and creating finger coils.  These finger coils lasted about two weeks (although I surely should have redone them after 10 days).

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