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Two Months Natural | Wash Day

HELLO OUT THERE!!!! Can you believe it has been a little over 2 months since I big chopped?!?  Sometimes I find myself shaking my head in amazement that I cut all my hair off!  But then I think about why I did it and I’m happy I took the leap of faith.  I’m definitely not walking around looking like an “Instagram Baddie” or “Youtube Guru” Tutorial Fresh, and I know that there are people who prefer the relaxed hair version of myself.  But I like what I’ve got and I’m enjoying every moment of it — the good and bad hair days.  Plus, my focus is, and always has been, the health of my hair.  Even though many of the base principles of hair care are the same, it’s still different being natural.  And I’m enjoying the newness of it all.  I missed two wash day updates for you guys, but here was my last wash day (the pictures are my hair the day after):  

Wash Day Details

My last wash day was earlier this week and I did a hair paste as my pre-poo.  It included fenugreek seed powder, amla powder, brahmi powder, coconut milk and water.  I wet my hair with Aloe Vera Gel.  Then applied the hair paste letting it sit for an hour before rinsing and conditioner washing with AS I AM Coconut CoWash.  I deep conditioned with GVP Conditioning Balm for another hour (no heat this time unfortunately).  And The Mane Choice Shea Butter was my leave-in. After weeks using this product, I have to say it’s good and keeps my hair moisturized throughout the week.  But I still prefer the consistency of my homemade version of whipped shea butter.  I’ll have to make some the next time I get a moment.  I’d much rather use The Mane Choice as a back up when I’m in between batches of my homemade whipped shea butter.

Pictured above are the next day results from shingling my hair and coiling my ends with Jane Carter Solutions Curl Defining Cream.  I really like this product a lot.  It’s better than the Eden Body Works Curl Defining Cream.  It clumps really well, similar to Eco Styler Gel but it’s creamier with a strong hold and no gel cast.  I’m so glad I found some on sale at TJ Maxx.  I ended up picking up two of them for my hair care stash.  So, you’ll be seeing this one a lot in my future wash day posts.

What’s your favorite styling product and what style does it work best for?


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